OUCH! How To Get Rid Of Knee Pain While Squatting… (Confession)

I have a confession to make.

I’ve squatted WAY TOO MUCH with pain in my knees over
the years and admittedly, as a professional, I couldn’t
fix myself.

It was really frustrating.


You may know exactly how I feel – those aches and
pains either in the front or on the sides of your

The worst is that Sharp Pain on the way down. At
least it was for me.

And FINALLY last year after spending – I kid you
not – tens of thousands of dollars on education to
help me get rid of the pain – I did.


More importantly, how do You get rid of YOUR knee
pain – permanently?

Well assuming your doctor cleared and you don’t have
anything “active” going on – like torn cartilage or
a blown ACL, then here are some steps that will
help you out.

1. Train your abs – Hard!

By far the biggest difference I’ve found is training
my abs very specifically – in 2 ways:

1) Isometrically with various holding positions
with my hips flexed
2) From the bottom up – like various knee and leg

2. Align your bones.

Make sure that your knees track over your toes
and when you look down at your legs your upper
leg (femur), knee, and foot are all pointing in
the same direction (on both sides).

This makes it much easier to squat.

3. Use proper form.

Start with the Goblet Squat and REMEMBER –
start your squat by breaking at the knees and
then pushing them out to the sides.

Then sit back and down – think of sitting
BETWEEN your legs.

4. The Knees are the Key!

When you stand up – when many if not most people
stand up from the squat, their knees buckle in
and their arches in their feet collapse.

They’ll ignore this by putting a wedge under
their feet or wearing Olympic lifting shoes.

(Ask me how I know…)

So push your knees out and apart from each other
when you ascend from your squat.

This keeps the arch in the foot and allows the
knees to track over the feet and keeps the strong
gluts engaged in your squat.

In other words, it protects your knees and makes
them feel good.

5. Practice your squat.

Yeah, do some reps every day.

Nothing spectacular or major – maybe just 10 or
20 reps with an easy to medium sized KB.

Don’t give in to the desire to “get a good squat
workout in” like I’ve done.

That’ll just set you back.

You need time to re-groove your squat pattern.

And you may just want to spend a “season” on
only short squatting on programs like these.

Don’t worry, you won’t get any weaker – the Squat
is powerful medicine for your entire body.

So play around with those 5 tips and see if your
knee pain doesn’t disappear while squatting.

Talk soon.


P.S. If you try those 5 tips and your knee pain
doesn’t go away, you may have some bigger issues
at play, so go see your local orthopedic doc to
make sure your good-to-go.

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