Sounded like a tree-branch snapping.

Not. Good.

Fully ruptured right achilles tendon.

Not mine, thankfullly.

One of my good friend’s.

The unfortunate news was that he was working out.

Box jumps.

I can tell you how many times I’ve prescribed box jumps for
my clients in the last 20 years.


(That doesn’t include my college athletics coaching career.)

How many times I have prescribed them in the last 10 years?


Why not?

Because riding a desk every day shortens all your muscles,
tightens all your tendons, pulls your joints out of alignment,
and box jumps, my friend, are for competitive athletes.

What are competitive athletes?

Those who compete in athletics – namely sports like Track
and Field, Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Soccer, Football, and
so on…

Not only that, they do so routinely.

AND they practice daily, sometimes multiple times per day,
for hours a day.

So, unless you’re a high school or college athlete, you can
cross yourself off the list.

“That’s so condescending!”

No, it’s not – it’s called keeping it real.

Worse yet, my buddy said he is 22% body fat.

And male athletes average 8-12% body fat – so his body fat
percentage is about 10% points too high.

Consider this:

The average American is overweight. 60% of the US population
is categorized as overweight.

Yet thanks to those “trainers” on “reality” TV weight loss shows,
we think it’s perfectly acceptable to take someone who’s
overweight and relatively inactive –

NOTE: If you only workout 3 hours a week, you are still relatively
inactive cause there’s still 165 hours a week left. That’s the other
difference between the general population and athletes – athletes
train 10-30 hours a week, depending on their sport.

… We think it’s perfectly acceptable to take an overweight and
inactive person and train them like a competitive athlete.

That’s just FREAKIN’ STUPID.

Now I’m not saying that’s how my buddy was training exactly –
I know he had recently competed in his first powerlifting meet
so he’s not been totally inactive.

However, he rides a desk every day.

And that means he’s prone to certain degenerative changes
that someone who trains 2-3 hours a day is not.

That’s why I use “Original Strength” and kettlebells with my
clients and myself.

It’s the perfect one-two punch to get you up and running like
the athlete you were designed to be instead of the deskbound
clock-puncher that modern society demands.

Original Strength helps you reset and your body back to your

traditional “default” settings – the ones you had which allowed
you to effortlessly move – climb, run, jump, twist, turn, and

have fun before “the man” told you to “be quiet and sit still.”

And the kettlebell?

Well it just re-enforces what OS restored by hammering away
at your posterior chain – all the muscles on the backside of your

These are the muscles that go soft and weak – take a near
permanent vacation – from sitting 40+ hours a week.

AND – here’s the best part – the KB builds ALL the qualities box

jumps are supposed to build WITHOUT over-stressing your musculo-
tendinous complexes like box jumps can.

In other words – if you swing or snatch a KB (correctly), you
never have to do box jumps to develop power.

This is PERFECT for the recreational athlete or the “out-of-shape”
office worker who’s trying to get back in shape after 20+ years
out of the game.

Not only that, but the kettlebell will slash your body fat without
all the stress on the joints that comes from traditional methods of
fat loss training – like running.

ANOTHER NOTE: Increased joint stress increases inflammation.
And inflammation increases cortisol, which slows down the fat
loss processes.

In fact, combine OS and double KB training and I think you’ll feel
durn near invincible – while increasing your athleticism without
having to spend 2-3 hours a day working out like a competitive

I’d even go so far as to say the combination of OS and double KB
training is the closest thing to PEDs – Performance Enhancing
Drugs – you can get and still keep it legal.

Don’t take my word for it though – test it out yourself.

Get your copy of “Original Strength” here.

And get your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” – the ultimate double
KB tutorial and training program available on the market today -


Talk soon.


P.S. Almost forgot – as soon as my buddy goes through surgery,
guess what?

IHe and I are going to consult on his “new” training program.

Know what it’s going to be?

You guessed it – OS and KBs.


Because they make you STRONG AND ATHLETIC.

Regain your “Original Strength” here.

And Get “Kettlebell STRONG!” here.

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