P90X V. KB365

I was talking to one of my good friends earlier today. Hadn’t
seen him in a year, but he dropped by to pick up his kids from
my house – he got in a jam and needed me to pick them up
from school for him.

We were talking shop, like guys do, and got on to the topic
of business.

One of the businesses he was involved in was Body By Vi –
which if you never heard of it – is a MLM based on the
concept of a 90 day fitness challenge, you know, like P90X.

The difference between Body By Vi and P90X – or at least
the main difference – is that Body By Vi is supported by
a nutritional shake component. And the key to making
money was to keep people buying the shakes.

He was telling me about the downside to the business –

At the end of the 90 days, people thought they were done, and
stopped buying their shakes on “auto-ship.” So, more often
than not, there was a 90-day life cycle for his customers.

He’d have clients get on the shakes, do the workouts, and
drop mucho pound-o’s, only to go back to their original
Mickey-D lifestyle and put all the weight back on that they’d
just lost.

Think about that – you bust your butt for 90 days, get some
pretty major results, then mistakenly think that you don’t have
to do anything to lock in the gains you just worked so hard
to get.

90 days later, you’re right back to where you started – and in
most cases, worse.

So essentially, you just wasted 180 days – or 6 months of
your life.

Worse than that, you just proved to yourself that you’re a failure,
because you mistakenly believed that 90 days was all you
needed to do to change your life.

Sure, you can change your life in 90 days – and that’s awesome –


Can you KEEP that change?

And you can make more of the necessary changes you need
in order to get you from where you are now to the life you
want to have?

I think you’d agree, that when looking at the Big Picture of
your life, it’s rather short sighted to view the 70+ years you
have on this earth in only a 90-day block

What are you going to do with all the rest of the time you
have here on the Big Blue Marble?

After you finish day 90 of your P90X challenge, what are
you going to do on day 91?

How about day 101?

Day 301?

What are you going to do and where are you going to be a
year from now?

Are you still going to be frustrated with those 20 extra pounds
you’ve been trying to lose for the last 6 years?

Are you still going to have those tight shoulders and sore
back that from sitting all day long in front of your computer,
that seem to warm up while doing your get ups and swings,
but get sore soon after?

Bill Phillips, creator of the modern 90-day challenge was
right, it truly is a “Body For Life.

The question is –

What kind of and what quality of life will you have?  

Or better question –

… Be forced to have?

No matter what our politicians, talk show hosts, or talking
TV-heads say, the choice and responsibility is yours. Big
Brother won’t fix it for you.

If you want a body that’s tougher and more resilient, free
(or almost) from the soreness, tightness, aches and pains you
have now – one that let’s you get up and down with ease and
that’s as functional as it is good-looking, then you need a 
long-term commitment.

And that’s what Kettlebell 365 is all about.

It’s about a long-term commitment to yourself to be the
best man or woman you can be for yourself first and for
others second.

It’s a long-term commitment to empower yourself – to have
the energy to overcome what life throws at you.

And it’s about making measurable progress – progress that
you can see, feel, and touch – progress that forces others to
take notice:

Knowing that you’re strong enough to carry the load when
others can’t, make the big play at the last minute, and have
the fortitude to keep on keeping on.

It’s the difference between the short-term, short-sighted, and
short-lived success of a 90-day program and the long-term
approach to building the body that allows you to live life on
your terms.

Henry David Thoreau, 19th century American poet, author,
and philosopher famously said,

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to
front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not
learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die,
discover that I had not lived.”

Live deliberately

If you’re not living deliberately then you’re living accidentally
and that makes you a victim, instead of the conqueror you were
designed to be.

Face the essential fact of life – the body is inseparable from
the mind. Take care of your body, and you’ll take care of your

Don’t reach the end of your life the same way you entered – in
a diaper, having someone feed you – only to realize on your
death bed that you never truly lived.

Take up the long-term, long-haul approach to kettlebell training.

Do what others won’t:

Live Life On Your Terms – Enroll in Kettlebell 365 Today.

All the greats do.

Talk soon.


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