P90X V. Kettlebells (Picture Proof Inside)

I’m a sucker for late night informercials.

I LOVE seeing the sales processes and feeling
the emotion of “acting now” and getting a whole
‘nother widget when I order now.

Of course, that happened to me only once – when
I got the Rocket Chef for my wife. (Two of them

And they both sucked.

Such is the misfortune of most of the stuff you see
on late night TV.

But what about P90X?

You know, 90 days of extreme fitness, including
the “Ab Ripper X”?

Does that work?


I’ve had several friends do it.

You know what the “secret” to their success was?

It was two-fold actually:

1. Consistency in doing the workouts 6 days a week
for 60-90 minutes EACH WORKOUT (Ugh!).

(Not very many people have that kind of time to commit.
One of my friends actually hired a nanny for his kids so
his wife could do it. That’s how much time it required.)

2. Consistency in following the diet program as

One of my other friends did P90X and really got some
impressive results.

I asked him what the deal was: He told me it was all
in the diet.

When I asked him how he knew for sure, he told me
that he was doing it with another friend and that guy
didn’t see results because he didn’t change his


But back to our original question:

Is P90X extreme enough to compare to the kind of
shape you can get in by using kettlebells?



I could tell you several stories about this, including
one of my current clients, but I’d rather just show you
a picture to prove my point.

(If for some reason you can’t see the image right above
this line, then:

1. Click “display images” up at the top of this email
message, or

2. Click on the link below:


Honestly, it doesn’t matter which one of my programs
you follow.

They’ll all get the job done.

But if you want to be like John who emailed me
yesterday telling me that his wife has noticed a major
change in his body and thinks he’s hot, then all you
have to do is stick to short kettlebell programs like he

Forget the 60-90 minutes per day.

Who’s realistically got time for that?

(And what happens after 90 days…?)

How about 60-90 minutes PER week?

That’s what John uses. He uses the “Kettlebell Express!
ULTRA” programs.

It’s all 60-90 minute per week double KB programs.

(Over 3.5 years worth.)

Do yourself a favor and get what I’m gonna start
calling KB90X here.


There’s no fancy sales letter or anything like that
cause I’m too busy living my life to write it. Because
of that I’ve discounted the price 30% just to make
sure you get the info.

Grab your copy here.


Gotta run – way to busy for 60-90 minute workouts.


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