[PART 2] 10 Methods For “Upside Down” KB Fat Loss

Hey – hope you’re having a great weekend.

It’s a beautiful fall day here in the mountains.

Leaves are falling, the afternoons are getting shorter, and the evenings cooler.

The year is winding down.

Speaking of – let’s finish our 10 Methods for “Upside Down” KB fat loss today.

That way, if you’ve been struggling, you can implement the appropriate method(s) for you and finish the year strong.

6. Workout MORE.


Have I lost my mind?


Here’s why –

Some people think KBs are “magic.”

So they do as little as they think they can get away with.

And then they eat like crap and blame the KB for “not working.”

Therefore, if you’re skimping on your workouts (and insist on eating junk) workout MORE.

Do Swings or Snatches EVERY DAY.

7. STOP working out.

Some people are “stimulus junkies.”

They “need” to workout every day and grind themselves into the ground.

The problem is, they then complain that they can’t lose weight.

Especially that stubborn stuff around the middle. Many times, this is a signal that you’re doing too much and your body can’t recover.

So take some time off.

Literally stop working out and let your body recover.

8. Stop doing double KB work.

Say what??

“Watchoo talkin’ ‘bout, Willis?”


Sometimes you need to switch back to single KB work, find any imbalances that you’ve picked up, and fix them.

That way, when you come back to your doubles work, you’re stronger cause you’re not “leaking” energy  from one side.

9. Train multiple times per day.

Now it appears I’ve gone stark raving mad.

Why on God’s green earth would you ever do something so seemingly time-wasting?


Burn more total calories throughout the day.

And I’m not talking about 2 x one hour sessions.

I’m talking about short – SHORT sessions.

10 to 15 minutes per session.

One in the morning, one in the evening.

Works like a champ.

10. Ditch the KB and go for a walk.

Here’s a very simple formula for fat loss if you’ve been doing a ton of MetCon –

Ditch your KB – at least the MetCon work – and go outside for a walk.


Only do “grind” work with your KBs and your “cardio” is walking.

Walking is a major stress-reliever, which in turn, helps balance your hormones, which in turn helps you burn fat.

So, there you have it.

10 “Upside Down” methods for losing fat using your KBs.

How do you know which one works for you?

Find what you’re doing the most of right now – the thing that you think is working, but isn’t providing any measurable results – and do the opposite.

Talk soon.


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