[PDF Enclosed] Is Joint Mobility Work REALLY Necessary?

Hey – bit of a controversial topic here today.

If you’ve been on my list for awhile now, you’ll know
that I used to do A TON of joint mobility work.

However, I don’t do ANY now.


And I don’t think you should either.

Yeah, I know – very controversial, especially if like me,
you’ve spent thousands of dollars on education telling you

I put my thoughts, assertions, and justifications in a PDF
Special Report that you can download from inside this
email (no need to opt in or anything like that).

I warn you though – it’s highly controversial and I’m
100% certain that A LOT of people are going to get
pissed off.

And many of those people will:

a) think I’m crazy


b) start bad mouthing me all over the interwebz

I’m cool with both of those options cause I know what
I’ve seen and experienced, which is why I wrote this
Special Report.

I wrote it just for you because I want your eyes to be
opened and for you to experience the same things I

You can (and should) download it here:


I guarantee it’ll challenge the way you currently view
joint mobility work, it’s purpose in your training, and
whether or not you’re being taken advantage of.

Don’t hate me…

(Or do… I don’t care.)


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