[PIC] This Guy’s A Kettlebell BEAST! (Or Should I Say “BEASTS!”)

If you’ve ever needed some motivation to excel or
even to see what’s possible this will surely do it
for you.

It sure lights a fire under my butt!

Here’s a pic –

It’s a still from a video that Dan Anderson sent me
of him pressing – get this –



(*Beasts are a pair of 48kg KBs.)

Here’s the best part – to achieve this, Dan used nothing
but a pair of 40kg’s.

Now you may not be anywhere near close to pressing
the Beasts or even the 40s and that’s ok – we’re all
on our own strength journey.

But you CAN make the kind of progress Dan has made.

Here’s what he recently said in an email exchange:

“…once again I am a bit surprised by how quickly I
gain strength during the first phase of KB Strong.
The first time through I used 88s, and about 2-3
weeks into the program I remember thinking “This
has got a ton easier.” Now with double 106s the same
thing is happening. I have completed the second week,
the 7×2, and it was easy!”

Dan is using the “STRONG!” program inside “Kettlebell

It actually has THREE different phases:

Phase 1: Pure Strength

In this phase, we take a pair of heavy bells and make
them feel light over the course of 8 weeks.

Phase 2: Work Capacity/Hypertrophy

In this phase, you’ll either boost your ability to
do more work (get stronger) or boost your ability
to do more work AND pack on some muscle, depending on
how much food you choose to eat.

Here’s the interesting part of Phase 2 – You have
two separate options.

Option 1 is “The Short Course.”

It’s 4 to 6 weeks long, depending on your schedule and
your recovery. It’s for people in a hurry.

Then there’s Option 2 – “The Slow And Steady.”

This is for people who want to get STRONG.

It’s 16 weeks long and it’ll make you make the heaviest
pair of kettlebells feel like toys.

And finally, there’s Phase 3: Conditioning.

In this phase you seek to do more and more and more
work in less and less and less time.

Now mind you, you’re using the same pair of KBs you
started with 14-32 weeks ago – so they will feel light
by this point – they were a 4 or 5RM when you started
now they truly are toys.

And by the time you get here you won’t recognize yourself
in the mirror.

You’ll be stronger, leaner, and more muscular than
you have been maybe in your entire life.

(Dan sent me pics – he actually gained 5 pounds his first
time through this program but got leaner in the process.)

When you’re tired of playing around with your KBs and not
seeing the kind of progress you know should be possible,
do what Dan did – get “Kettlebell STRONG!”

Talk soon.


P.S. If you want to see the actual video of Dan pressing
the Beast 6 times, here it is.

(The best part about this is he did it at work! LOL!)

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