Pig Out On Christmas Day Without Paying For It Later

Tomorrow’s Christmas, if you’re celebrating.

And that means Christmas Dinner.

And that means Christmas Dessert.

(I don’t know how my Jewish friends do this for 7 nights over Hanukkah…)

And that means a lot of lying around and groaning from eating too much.

Along with slipping into a food coma.

For some, that means feeling “guilty” afterwards.

Guilt and Christmas really shouldn’t go together.

(In fact, Christmas is all about removing guilt, but that’s another story for another time.)

Point is –

There’s a way to chow down tomorrow and feel great about it.

And even create a caloric deficit in the process.

And that means the possibility of waking up lighter the day after Christmas.

(Stranger things have happened.)

Here’s what you do.

You’ll want to use 1 of 3 of my holiday survival strategies.

Strategy #1: Party Prep

This is so mind-glowingly simple, you might kick yourself for not doing it until now.

1. Undereat today.

This creates a caloric deficit so you’ll burn fat.


2. Dinner tonight is the last meal you eat until dinner tomorrow.

This lengthens the fat-burning state your body slips into while you sleep.

And that means you’ll burn more fat during the day.


3. Do either a depletion workout today or tomorrow morning. Or both.

A depletion workout is one that burns a ton of calories both during the workout – but especially important – after your workout.

You’re already in a fat-burning state.

Now you throw gasoline on the fire by releasing growth hormone – a powerful fat-burning hormone.

And this increases your fat-burning even more.


Of course, if you’re reading this email later in the day or in the evening, then you’ll want to use Strategy #2 – “Damage Control” on the day after Christmas (Boxing Day for my English and English-inspired friends).

Here’s where you learn more about “Party Prep,” “Damage Control,” Strategy #3, and Depletion Workouts.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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