Practice This Exercise For More Explosive Swings And Snatches [VIDEO]

We all know that the 2H swing is the foundational
KB exercise.

By now, you should’ve done about a bazillion of those

And we know that we build the snatch off the swing.

But there’s a little trick I bet you don’t know
that Olympic lifters and powerlifters use to improve
their pulls – their hinge movements.

(Hinge = Swing, Snatch, Clean, Deadlift)

In fact, I was caught by surprise a couple of years
ago when talking to a world famous powerlifting coach
about pushing up my deadlift.

He didn’t actually want me to deadlift.

He wanted me to do this instead.

(This is part 2 in our “3 Basics” series.)

If you want to really improve your conditioning
levels with Swings and Snatches, you’d be well-served
to listen to the pro’s and do what they do to
improve their “hinge” lifts.

Check it out here.


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