PRESSES For Fat Loss?? Seriously??

I want to let you in on a little secret.

You don’t have to do only KB ballistics for fat loss.

In fact, you don’t have to do swings, cleans, or snatches
at all and you can STILL lose fat.

Sounds crazy I know.

Especially when we’ve been conditioned to think that’s
“all” we need.

Yes, yes, the swing is excellent for fat loss.

The snatch is better.

And the press?

Well, it depends on how it’s programmed and what KIND
of press we’re talking about.

See, heavy presses take full body tension to perform –
something that is noticeably absent in the swing – except
for the split second when your body perfectly locks out and
the KB is parallel with the floor.

And total body tension on heavy work uses A LOT of energy.

That, and pushing weight over your head also causes
a significant strain on your heart – using your arms instead of
your legs for any sort of “locomotion” is a challenge for your
cardiovascular system.

That’s why boxing is so demanding. Same thing with wrestling,
and same thing with the snatch. (That and the snatch travels
more distance.)

That’s why I use heavy presses – both singles and doubles –
in most of my fat loss programs.

Here are two simple ways to program your press for fat

1. Cut your rest periods between sets of presses.

This is one of my all time favorites. Slowly cut your rest
periods from workout to workout.

The fatigue adds up quickly.

You’ll feel yourself huffing and puffing.

2. Use harder versions of the press.

Like the push press.

You want to really push your heart rate up and whack off
some body fat?

Learn to push press.

And then do it for a lot of reps.

Same thing with the jerk.

Even more challenging. The KB moves even faster over your
head and then you have the added difficulty of moving your
body under the KB.

Fun stuff.

Now you may not slash pounds of blubber away solely with
presses which is why I like to combine them with other

heavy grinds –

Like front squats.

That’s a beautiful combination for fat loss – presses and
grinds – which make a fantastic contrast to swings –

Something that your body – if you’ve done enough of them –

Will be used to for fat loss.

Slap in a clean with your press and you have a thing of
beauty – something that not only has the potential to strip
off body fat, but make you really, really strong in the process.

Cleans and presses… Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Don’t just take my word for it, though:

See that?

“… just doing the Double Kettlebell Clean and Press…”

Lean and strong.

With a big work capacity to boot – endless energy to keep
on keeping on.

What more could you want?

Except to know exactly how to press using total body tension
(appropriately) and how to set up your clean for the perfect

(Remember, your press is only as good as your clean.)

If you want to see more fat loss using the press and the
clean instead of just doing more [and more] swings and
do it with less effort than you’re probably used to, then
get your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” today.

Talk soon.


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