Q: Can You Lose Fat By “Just” Training For Strength? (Surprising)

Can I be honest with you?

I know I sell a lot of fat loss products but I personally HATE
training for fat loss.

In fact, I was just having this conversation with a friend of
mine on Friday. A very long conversation in fact.

He feels the same way.

Yet, I’m able to stay relatively lean year round without
training specifically for fat loss.

(He, however, can’t. And that’s because he doesn’t train
the way I do. More on that in a minute.)

Is it because I’m more awesome than your average Joe?

Not at all.

Is it because I know something that the average Joe

Maybe. Maybe not – more on that in a minute too.

Well then, what is it?

It’s because I’m stubborn.

Like a mule.

Two mules in fact.

Pulling against each other in opposite directions.

You get my point.

See, I hate huffing and puffing just for the sake of huffing and
puffing. I’d rather lift heavy stuff.

Sure, I’ll huff and puff with the best of them if I have to – like
Snatch Tests and the such – but only if I have to.

Which is why I guess, all my “fat loss” programs are strength

Personal preference combined with anecdotal evidence.

Until recently.

Let me explain.

Using deductive logic, we can predict certain outcomes –
especially if we know how the body works.

For example – if you use the largest, strongest muscles in
your body – like your hips and legs – that requires more
energy than just working your arms.

So, we can deduce that our fat loss programs should include
exercises that use the hips and legs so you can burn large
amounts of calories – hence Swings and Snatches and the

Nothing new there.

(Hang on – new stuff coming in a moment…)

And since we also know that your different muscle fiber
types use different amounts of energy – type 2b being
the most energy demanding –

That if we bias those muscle fiber types we can burn
more calories.

This is the premise of most of my kettlebell fat loss programs.

But like I said, this has all been logical deduction paired
with “anecdotal” evidence.

Until recently.

I ran across a study recently that PROVES without a shadow
of a doubt that you can lose fat JUST by strength training

Here’s the first part of it –

It’s from a study by Y. Izumiya* and colleagues at Boston

And what they found was very significant.

I’ll cover the first bombshell today and how to apply it
and we’ll cover their other discoveries over the course
of this week.

Bombshell #1:

Training your Type 2b muscle fibers leads to –

“… a reduction in accumulated white adipose tissue…”

Here’s what that says in plain English:

When you train your Type 2b muscle fibers, you actually
are able decrease the amount of fat you have.

Read that again.

Cool stuff, huh?

You bet it is!

So that explains why I am able to train the way I do and
still stay lean while my friend cannot.

He engages in traditional “hi sweat” workouts that don’t
focus on the Type 2b fibers.

And for you that means just by focusing on training your
Type 2b fibers, you can actually decrease your fat mass.

There’s a lot more to that study which will shock you. And
like I said, we’ll cover throughout the week.

In the meantime, you’re probably wondering the “best”
way to train your Type 2b fibers.

There are two ways and they are common to most
strength training programs (at least mine):

1. Generate a lot of tension.


2. Lift explosively.

Like I said, I use both in my workouts and I suggest you
do too.

Here’s the best place to start learning the optimum ways to
do both.

Talk soon.


P.S. Tomorrow we’ll cover Bombshell #2 – this one will
really get you – it’s counter to everything we’ve ever heard
about fat loss – really violates the conventional wisdom.

*Izumiya Y, Hopkins T, Morris C, Sato K, Zeng L, Viereck J,
Hamilton JA, Ouchi N, LeBrasseur NK, Walsh K. Fast/Glycolytic
muscle fiber growth reduces fat mass and improves metabolic
parameters in obese mice. Cell Metab. 2008 Feb;7(2):159-72.
PubMed PMID: 18249175.

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