Q: The Single BIGGEST Factor Determining Your Workout Results?

Continuing on from the Italy theme over the last week
or so, one of the “mini-lectures” I gave during the
“Kettlebell STRONG!” workshop was the single biggest
factor that determined workout results.

Beyond the mere act of showing up… We’re well past that.

That’s for the novices. Not for the focused, serious trainee.

I can’t even remember how the “lecture” got started per se,
all I remember is that it was from a question.

Here’s the deal:

How you treat and perform your reps dictates your results.

Said another way –

The quality of your reps determines your results.

For example, one person does 10 swings.

Another does 10 swings and each one looks the same.

And yet another does 10 and each one is explosive, crisp,
hangs in the air AND looks the same.

Who “wins?”

The third person.

Sure, doing something is better than nothing, unless of
course it gets you hurt, because you’re not paying attention,
so you’re better off staying on the couch with remote in
one hand, popcorn in the other.

See, the quality of the rep determines –

+  Power output
+  Work performed
+  And ability to recover

Each rep should be fast, yet controlled.

Each rep should be the same as the former rep.

And when the rep you just did changes, or slows down,
you stop the set.

This ensures quality is high, keeps you from injury, and
decreases recovery time.

That means you can train more frequently without fatigue.

And that means you can make faster progress.

Everything from the set up to returning the KB to the floor
must be the same.

When it is, you’ll make faster progress than you are now.

And that’s why I’m not a big fan of higher rep sets.

In fact, for ballistics, I prefer 5 to 10 reps, with 20 being
the top end for the advanced trainee.

For grinds, I prefer 1 to 5 reps per set, with 1 to 3 being
the sweet spot for the heavier loads (heavy single KBs
or double KBs), reserving the 5’s for “base” work with
lighter bells or something to strive for –

Like making your 5RM feel light (like I do in “Kettlebell

When you can slow down, take your time, and make
every single rep look the same from the outside, and feel
the same from the inside –

That’s when you’ll start seeing near miraculous changes
in your strength and physique levels.

Oh yeah, and your conditioning levels will automatically
rise too.

Why is this so important?

Because high quality work is more work.

It may look like less work at the beginning, but it’s more
of the [right] work in the end.

And it’s the “more work” thing that brings about the changes.

The next question is –

How do you know how to perform high quality reps?

1. Learn how to perform your KB exercises correctly
2. Learn the common technique mistakes
3. Learn how to fix your technique mistakes

This is critically important when training with double

That, and that you have a program to follow that literally
forces you to focus on quality reps by virtue of its design.

You’ll find everything you must know about quality double
kettlebell technique AND a program focused on rep
quality inside “Kettlebell STRONG!” here.

Talk soon.


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