Q: “What Should I Do Next?”

Ahhh, yes… The age old question.

Just got an email from my buddy Faisal about that.

He had some really good ideas and wanted my opinion
on them:

1. Do Simple & Sinister until he hits the “simple” goal

2. Add +1 to the “STRONG!” program’s phase 1 using
his 24s

3. Start the “STRONG!” program with a pair of 32s
but going FSQ, then Push Press, and ultimately the

4. ROP with a 24kg

I won’t tell you what he was leaning toward or what I
suggested, but you see he had options.

Speaking of options…

Cliff wants to know:

“Can you give me an idea of your strong program? I
noticed you can do anything you want for the system you
setup for the strong program. I was thinking cleans,
clean to press, snatches and front squats for the
ingredients. Should I use those in the formula?”

Great question.

The “STRONG!” program was designed to be used with
the double KB Clean + Press.

However, you can switch up pretty much any exercise
and plug it into the programming, which is 3 phases:1) Strength
2) Work capacity/hypertrophy
3) Conditioning/fat loss

For example, Faisal (above) has done it with a pair
of 24s on the FSQ.

His results?

In 4 months he went from Clean and Pressing a pair
of 24s once to, in his words,
“…I did a C&P x5 (and a half) with good form and
control, rested and cranked out 10 FSQs with the pair
of 24kg — felt REALLY good.”

Kelly has been keeping me up to date with his “STRONG!”
progress: He wants to snatch a pair of 48s. Now that’s

He’s been working the “STRONG!” program with a pair of
88s with the Double Snatch.

He just emailed me yesterday with his most recent update:

“By the way, more progress from your STRONG program.
Last week I tested my double kettlebell snatches, and
got 6 sets of 2 reps with 88lbs bells.  One minute rest
between sets.”

Kelly is a strong, strong hombre.

So Cliff, you can plug ANY double KB exercise into the
“STRONG!” program and see pretty amazing results.

You’re not limited to “just” the Clean + Press (even
though that’s where I would start).

Which means you can play around and literally use the
“STRONG!” program for years, if you choose to.

Not only that, but you can start each workout with
some skill practice or even do some light (LIGHT being
the key word here) skill practice on your off days.

Best of all worlds.

And plenty of options to get stronger.

So what should YOU do next?

Whatever fits YOUR #1 goal.

Want to strip off some – or a lot of body fat?

Do a fat loss program.

(“Kettlebell Burn 2.0″ is phenomenal I here.)

Want a really simple single KB program to help you
build consistency in your training and refine your
understanding of the basics – literally an “autopilot”

Pavel’s “Simple & Sinister” will do the trick.

Have a couple of pairs of KBs lying around begging
to be used and abused in your quest to get “strong
as an ox?”

Then “Kettlebell STRONG!” has your name written all
over it (and there’s a copy reserved for you).

Your results are really only limited by your imagination
because there’s a program for any one of your goals.

All you have to do is follow it.

Talk soon.


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