Q: Which Is Better? 1 Or 2 KB Workouts?

Funny how we always pit one thing against another huh?

I’m a legend in my own mind for doing this. Or that…

See, I did it right there. ;-]

Anyway, a common question I run across is which
is better – single or double KB workouts?

That’s like saying which is better, a screwdriver or
a hammer?

Depends on the task at hand really.

Here’s a general rule of thumb:

Single KB workouts are for:

1. Novices, Intermediate, Advanced

2. People recovering from injuries

3. People with diagnosed/screened injuries

4. Restoration and recovery

5. Extreme conditioning – like 10 minute snatch test

6. Getting leaner

Among other things…

Obviously, that list is not comprehensive. And I’m
sure you could add one or two things of your own

Double KB workouts are for:

1. Intermediate & Advanced

2. Building maximum strength and power

3. Packing on muscle

4. Extreme conditioning – like training for the Long
Cycle C+J

5. Getting leaner

And again, that list isn’t comprehensive.

The key to success when using kettlebells is to
know when to use singles and when to use doubles
in your workouts.

And of course which exercises to do when and why.

So how do you know when to use 1 KB or when
to use 2 in your workouts?

The Truth?

If you’re more than a novice it’s a toss up.

It should be based on your own personal goals.

And of course your current limitations.

And I believe (and practice) that you should make
your strengths stronger while simultaneously
removing your limitations.

The best part is that you can layer this process
using both single and double KB workouts based on
your goals.

That’s why I put the Inner Circle together.

We use a combination of single kettlebell programs
and double kettlebell programs based on the specific
goal of the cycle –

– leaner
– stronger
– recovery / restoration / pre-hab, etc
– build muscle

… Removing your weaknesses and maintaining and
building upon your strengths.

If you confused about what to do when and how often
with your kettlebells get inside the Inner Circle where
I’ve done it all for you.

All you do is download your program and do it.

All the guesswork is removed.

Not only that, but you’ll get weekly coaching emails
too just to ensure you’re staying on track.

So there really is no “better” – both single and
double KB workouts are great – it’s just a question
of knowing how and when to use each.

That answer lies inside the Inner Circle.

Go here:


Talk soon.


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