Q&A: Please Don’t Ask Me This Question…

I got a very pleasant, but long email the other day from a reader.

In it, he asked about an injury he sustained while training.

He went into great detail about how he’d sustained it in the past,
what he was doing when he sustained it most recently, and what
his workouts in general were.

He wanted to know what I thought it was and what he should
do about it.

My response?

I had a rough idea of where he should start looking, but he really
needed to go see someone – start with a doc – someone who can
get some eyes on you.

Now at the risk of sounding like a jerk – please don’t send me
any emails like this.

Don’t do it.

It’s not fair –

To you.

See, NOTHING takes the place of being in the presence of a pro
like a Doc in the case of acute pain, or someone who’s good with
corrective exercise if you have a movement dysfunction.

Emails just won’t cut it.

It’s always best to get someone to get their eyes on you and watch
you in real time.

It’s in your best interest – even though it’s going to cost you money.

“Did he just say the M-word?”

“I think he did.”


“Oh! He said it again!”

Many people think it’s a dirty word.

It’s not. Much to many people’s dismay, it actually makes the
world go ’round.

For example, later today, I’m off to Chicago to teach our last
“Becoming Bulletproof” workshop of the year.

20 people paid good money to learn the simple regressions to
the simple exercises to reset your body that lay the groundwork
for “Becoming Bulletproof.”



People value their time and want to make the most of it. They
invest their time, energy, and yes, “munney” to help them reach
their goals faster.

Slow lane or fast lane.

At these workshops, we see people who have “issues” (knees
seem to be the most popular) and we show them how the
answers to those issues are actually locked inside their body.

And when they’re not – we tell them to go see a doc.


Cause that’s the next level, baby.

I’m not a doc, nor do I play one on TV. And unlike some trainers,
I don’t want to play the “look how smart I am I can diagnose you
without a medical license” game.

Here’s a case in point:

One of my friends had a guy referred to him who had been
working with a PT and a massage therapist for two years for
pain in his upper/middle back.

Stretching, strengthening, rubbing, poking, prodding.

No joy.

Came to see my friend.

My friend had the good sense to refer him to a doc.


Aortic aneurysm. About to burst.

(The aorta is the largest artery in your body. Bursting is very

See that value?

See why I hate this question?

Now here’s a question I don’t mind answering:

“What workout should I do?”

That’s simple – the one that matches your goal.

For most people, their goals are simple:

Get stronger, slow down the aging process, and lose some of
the extra “baggage” they’ve been carrying around, without
killing themselves 5-6 hours a week with “insane” workouts.

If that’s you, then these workouts – correction – PROGRAMS
are for you.


There’s over 49 of them in there and at over 6 years of workouts,
and at each program for less than $1, I’d think you’d agree that’s
darn good value – value you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Gotta run – plane to catch.


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