QnA – Can I Do This Program For…?

There’s so much mis-information on the ol’ interwebz
on how to train for this and that goal using KBs, or,
well, any bell or training tool.

And because of all that misinformation, it’s hard to get
straight answers.

So here’s a straight answer to a question by reader
Jon N:

I love getting questions from readers and for
the most part I try to answer them all.

Here’s a great one from Jon N…

“hey geoff

i want to improve my vertical leap and am thinking
of doing the double 48 kb clean and squat.

what would be the best way to work up to this?

olly shoes?

dan johns protocol?

what do you think???”

Ok, let’s break this email down point by point.

First off, kudos to you Jon, cause you have
two pretty solid goals.

However, we need more info – like by how many
inches do you want to improve your vertical?

And your training experience…

Cause there are different approaches based on
the individual, their current strength levels,
and their training backgrounds.

For example, do you need to train heavy to
boost your maximum strength up?

Or do you need to train more explosively to get
your power up?

I wouldn’t know for sure without taking a look
at your training history.

The same thing goes for the double 48 Clean and

Where are you now? What can you do now?

“Ollie shoes” – I’m assuming you mean Olympic
lifting shoes… Again, depends on your strengths
and weaknesses.

I used them for 15 years to compensate for poor
movement patterns. I’ve fixed those and only wear
my Chucks for my lifting now. I recommend that
everyone else do the same.

GTG? – Grease the Groove? Sure, maybe… maybe not…

Again, I’d need to know your training background,
so I can’t say for sure.

But there are 2 things I can say for sure:

1. Dan John’s protocol is both a challenge and
for what he calls “armor building” – so no, it most
likely will not get your VJ up.

2. I think most people training to improve their
VJ would be well served by some combination of
heavy low rep strength training – primarily squats
and deadlifts and –

– incorporating lower rep ballistic drills, like
Swings and Snatches with light to medium weights,
depending on the individual, moved as fast as possible.

You can also add in some jumps.

As far as the Clean and Front Squat with the 48s,
well, those are BIG goals my friend. Cause the double
KB Cleans are very much like barbell muscle cleans.

So you have to get strong and be strong to do them.

Really strong.

Again, I would practice both lifts with heavier KBs
and for low reps.

Take home points:

To get strong – lift heavy, for low reps, lots of
rest, and do it frequently.

To get powerful – lift lighter weights, explosively,
with lots of rest – frequently.

Other goals:

Improve conditioning – use interval method with
both higher rep sets with lighter weights, lower
rep sets with heavier weights, and medium weights
for lower rep sets.

Lose fat – so many ways, but my two favorites are
actually to mix training to be strong and powerful
with some special tweaks.

You can discover those tweaks in “Kettlebell Burn
EXTREME!” which you can check out here:


Talk soon.


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