QnA: Cortisol And Stomach Fat

The other day I got this an email asking about the whole “high
cortisol = stomach fat” issue.

This gentlemen’s question was essentially this:

“I have low cortisol levels – why am I fat?”

Ahhh… the human body – gotta love it!

We’re a complex system of hormones and your body really
is like Goldilocks –

Not too much, not too little – It likes everything “Ju-u-u-s-t right.”

My answer was first –

Have you been seen by your doctor – if not, get checked out.

Second –

I’m not a doc (nor do I play one on TV) so I’m not diagnosing
you at all…

… sometimes people have low cortisol levels from what’s known
as “adrenal burnout” or “adrenal fatigue” –

Which means their adrenal glands – responsible for releasing
adrenaline – are not operating correctly – they’re not releasing
enough adrenaline.

This is a complicated mechanism – but adrenal fatigue comes
from being over-stressed –

Running around at Mach 3 with your hair on fire all the time.

Life. Work. Workouts. Too much. Too often.

Then your body goes *ka-put*. (Yes, that’s the technical definition –

It just stops operating the way it should.

So as far as getting fat from low cortisol the mechanisms go
something like this –

Need energy.

Not enough adrenaline or cortisol to mobilize energy.

Eat sugary foods to get energy.

Lots of insulin released to store sugar.

Body stores sugar as fat.

You get fat.

And sad.

And depressed.

So you eat more sugary foods.

You get fatter.

The End.

So that’s the simple explanation of how this whole thing works.

The bottom line here is STRESS.

If you just want to take your shirt off at the beach (now that winter’s
approaching – hey, I won’t judge you…) or look good in a bikini –
or heck – “with the lights on” as they say – you don’t need to kill
yourself every time you work out.

And if you do, you’ll just get fatter.

Fat! Fat! Fat!

And you’ll get even more stressed out about being fat – or getting
fatter – which will – you got it – make you even more fat.

So, if you work a 40+ hour a week job, got 2.2 kids, and feel
like you’re always on the go – then you owe it to yourself – to
literally give yourself permission – to work out LESS to look
better and perform better.

Use workouts like these and start balancing out your cortisol
levels and shrinking your stomach fat.


Talk soon.


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