QnA: Kettlebell Contradictions?

I got this interesting (and smart) question the other day
from Seth after I sent my email out about my client hitting
40 Clean and Push Presses in a row. Here it is –

“Hi Geoff. I have a question regarding the performance of
high rep sets for fat loss and the sebsequent rise in lactic
acid. On your page for kettlebell burn you state that in
order to achieve ultimate fat loss one must target their
type2b fibers. In order to do that you state that one must
control fatigue and limit lactic acid buildup. So why perform
high rep sets? I hope you can clarify this issue for me. Thanks”

Sounds confusing – I know.

Why would I seemingly contradict myself?

There are 2 main reasons:

1. Strength/Conditioning levels vary

Everyone’s different. Everyone has a different lactate
threshold – or the point where lactic acid starts to
accumulate in the blood – and that threshold can be

Why would I train the lactate threshold with one
of my clients?

Twofold – so they can still produce high levels of
force in the face of fatigue (like wrestlers) and
for fat loss purposes so –

That they can burn more total calories per workout.

Cause at the end of the day, the there are only 2
things that control fat loss – caloric deficit and
hormonal balance.

If I can do more work (burn more calories) AND
positively influence my hormonal balance, I’ll use
that particular method if it’s appropriate.

2. Different “mechanisms” for fat loss

Lifting heavy takes a lot of energy. And it doesn’t
lead to lactic acid accumulation.

But what if you knew that in the presence of lactic
acid, your body released growth hormone – which in
turn triggered the fat-burning processes in your

That puts a whole new spin on things doesn’t it?

Wouldn’t you seek to take advantage of that mechanism
and pair it with other fat-loss mechanisms?

If you’re were savvy you would.

And that’s what high-rep ballistics, when trained
properly, do. They use other mechanisms for fat loss.

They allow you to still produce high levels of force
(Force = mass * acceleration) and still fight off
fatigue, especially if you can pair them together
in an exercise like the Clean and Push Press (C+PP).

In the C+PP you’re actually alternating between
muscle groups responsible for the majority of the
work – hips and hamstrings on the Clean, and quads
and shoulder musculature on the PP.

And that’s primarily it.

The KEY is to know WHY you’re doing what it is that
you’re doing – and to be able to justify it.

Remember last week when I was writing about Alfonso
and one of his maxims – “Anything can work if it’s
applied properly.”

This is one of those cases.

But what if all this talk hurts your brain and you
don’t want to worry about whether or not you’re doing
this, that or the next thing properly?

Then you need the “done-for-you” solution –


Talk soon.


P.S. I’ll give you some other ideas for fat loss
workouts that seemingly break “the rules” in upcoming
emails – so keep your eyes peeled.

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