QnA: “What Do You Think Of My Workout?”

I appreciate all the emails I get from subscribers and
customers. It let’s me know that my message of short,
simple, goal-driven workout programs is getting through.

However, every once in awhile I get something like this:

“Hey – here’s my workout – what do you think?”

The workout is then spelled out in detail.

So in case you’re every wondering what I think of your
workouts, let me preempt you sending an email, with
this response –

“I don’t know. What is your #1 goal?”

See, many people – maybe you – are still stuck in the
“Workout Trap” – the idea that you just have to “get a
workout in.”


Why do you have to “get your workout in?”

That sounds like it’s random and haphazard – wedged into
an otherwise busy and hopefully well-planned day.

And while I do agree that something is indeed better than
nothing – that’s only to a point.

If you’re going to do 100 burpees in 15 minutes, I’m going
to ask you “Why?”

Why are you doing what you’re doing?

Do you know with 100% certainty or have you lost focus
of your goal – your vision – the purpose for your KB

Let me help you some more by giving you some ideas
for designing your own workouts based on your goals.

But first, let me just tell you that 80% of your results – maybe
more (Vince Gironda said 90%) come from what you put
in your mouth.

That’s right.



So, you can lose weight with Swings, Snatches, Grinds, or
just good ol’ fashioned walking if you’re calories and food
choices are on point.

If not, just keep banging your head against the wall.

Same thing with getting stronger – if you undereat or “diet”
it may be pretty tough for you to get stronger. Better for you
to eat a little more.

Ok, now we got that out of the way –

Let’s proceed.

Here are some common goals:

1. Fat Loss.

Again, pretty much anything will work, as long as your food
is on point.

But the general rule of thumb is this: The higher the perceived
effort of your workout, the shorter its duration should be.

Yes, this is general, but it applies to probably 80% of the
population at any given time.

That’s why 10 minute Snatch sessions are as good as hour
long walks – inverse relationship between duration and effort.

2. Absolute Strength.

Rules are simple on this:

– Avoid fatigue like the plague
– Focus on technique
– Lift heavier weights

Unfortunately, these types of workouts generally take a long
time – not the best use of time if you’re a busy individual.

More about that in a minute.

Plus, most of us need “strength endurance” to get through
life – not absolute strength.

Will a 500# squat help you live your life better?

Probably not. Sure, you may have more confidence, but
the amount of work it’ll take to get that squat and to
recover from your training will zap most of your spare

3. Conditioning.

This is pretty simple.

The best way to improve your conditioning on any exercise
in the world it to use incomplete rests.

That takes all the guess work out of it.

What are “incomplete rests?”

Simply start your next set while you’re still breathing heavy.

Or relatively heavy.

Simple, right?

Now here’s the really cool part – if you know what you’re
doing, you can combine all three of those by some subtle
manipulations in your workout programs and achieve all
three at the same time.

Hold on, hold on – I’m NOT saying that you can or will get
that 500# squat AND get 200 reps on the USSST so don’t
misunderstand me while getting down to 3% bodyfat.

What I AM saying is that you can get leaner and stronger
and better conditioned at a better than average rate if
you do the following:

1. Manage Stress And Fatigue

2. Manipulate volume, intensity, and density in your
training programs in the right order and at the right times

3. Use expertly designed kettlebell programs based on
#1 and #2 above – like these:


No, you won’t be a world class powerlifter doing these
types of workouts/programs but you may start to become
a world class parent or better-than-average employee
thanks to your newfound progress and peace of mind.

Talk soon.


P.S. People are always wondering if these types of
programs work.

Nikki Orosa sent this to me this past January:

“Hi Geoff!

When i started the longcycle cj from nov to dec i lost about
5-6 pounds. I’m on the 3rd phase of the snatch program of
kb express and dropped another 4lbs. So from nov to present
i lost 10lbs. Thanks to your programing man! Really works
wonders…..simple but really intense!”

Today it’s your turn to start getting results like those.


Then you won’t have to wonder what anyone thinks of your
workouts – your results will speak for themselves.

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