Quick QnA About Bodyweight Exercises

Ok, quick email cause I know you’re busy.

But I also know you might be on the fence about grabbing
my buddy Zach’s “Bodyweight Bodybuilding Secrets”

That’s cool. I get where you’re coming from. It took me a long
time to really buy in to the need for me to do bodyweight

I guess what really pushed me over the edge was the fact
that I couldn’t do a bodyweight Pistol (single leg squat –
butt-to-heel) without some sort of counterbalance.

So I felt it was not only a matter of optimum function, but also
pride to be able to do that effortlessly.

Anyway, I’ve gotten some emails from people wondering if
“Bodyweight Bodybuilding Secrets” is for them.

They want to know what’s inside.

Now obviously I can’t give the program away, so here’s a rough

Intro: This is where you should start.

– It’s a 3-day a week program
– You’ll need a jump rope (available at any sporting goods
– The amount of work accumulates over the course of the
4 weeks
– You can do it down at the playground or at home
– Total workout time: between 20-30 minutes I’d say

Phase 1:

– This becomes 4 days per week
– You’ll still need your jump rope :-)
– It becomes even more fun than the Intro phase
– Total workout time: about 30 minutes

Phase 2:

– You’ll see introduction of athletic conditioning theories
here (Strength + speed work) and their application to
bodyweight (very well programmed imho…)
– You’ll end up doing a little more work each workout but
with a different emphasis
– You’ll drop back down to 3 workouts per week
– Total workout time: varies – 20-40 minutes

Phase 3:

– 3 days per week
– 4 different types of workouts
– Continuation of Phase 2, only harder
– Designed to be culmination of Intro and Phases 1 and 2
– Challenging!


Zach’s also done a really good job of giving you videos of
how you should perform the exercises –

Here’s the videos –

– The Warm Up
– Lower Body
– Push Up Series
– Pull Up Series
– Dip Series
– Handstand Series
– Handwalking Series
– Playground Series (my favorite!)

The biggest benefit about all this bodyweight work is that
your workouts become FUN! again.

I think “Bodyweight Bodybuilding Secrets” is an absolute


Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve had a lot of requests for a bodyweight
program but haven’t had time to put one together. So, as a favor
tome, Zach’s hooked you guys up with a special offer on his
“Bodyweight Bodybuilding Secrets” till Midnight tonite for only

Click the link below to get your copy –


Gotta run.


P.P.S. Just finished up my bodyweight training session
with a BIG PR – did some running. First time in I don’t
know how many years – nothing much – 2 sets of 100 yards
down, 100 yards back. Felt great! And first time truly pain

Not bad for a guy who used to have to busted hips and
a busted knee!

P.P.S. Just in case you missed it – Zach’s making this offer
available only till Midnight tonite, so don’t miss out. Even
if bodyweight training’s not on your radar right now, I
think grabbing this program at this discount and filing it
away for future use would be a wise decision.


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