Quick Swing Tip From This Weekend’s “Kettlebell Muscle” Workshop…

Hope you had a great weekend – I did.

Got to teach 25 people the intricacies of successful
double KB training.

Everybody’s squat depth improved.

And everybody had effortless Double Snatches.

Several people tried for PRs and got them –

Trevor pressed a pair of 32s and Karen pressed a
pair of 16s just to name two…

And it was a blast!

Here’s a quick tip you can use today on your Swings
that the attendees learned –

Stretch out your backswing.

Really push your chest out on the backswing and
try to get the kettlebell(s) to hang or pause just for
a little extra “beat.”

This does two things:

1. Really stretches the posterior chain – the hamstrings
and glutes, and

2. Creates a fast and powerful swing.

So that means you’re going to use more energy per
Swing – so don’t be surprised if you feel a little more
gassed than normal.

That’s a good thing – especially if your trying to knock
off any extra pounds that may have crept up on you
this past winter.

Give that a shot and let me know how you got on with

Talk soon.


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