Rapid Fat Loss In Only 60 Minutes A Week… (Details Inside)

If you want to lose 2 to 3 pounds of fat a week and
only spend around an hour doing it, then you’re going
to wanna pick up a copy of my new book –

“More Kettlebell Muscle.”

In it, you’ll discover not one, but FORTY powerful
complex based programs that, combined with a very
easy-to-follow nutrition program –

Will literally peel the fat off your body.


When you grab your copy of “More Kettlebell Muscle”
today you’ll also receive a copy of an exclusive bonus
called “The MKM RFL Accelerator White Paper.”

Fancy-schmancey name, but a very simple (and EASY)
add on to your MKM programs that will accelerate
the fat burning process –

By as much as an extra pound a week – depending of
course on how much you have to lose in the first place.

Get your copy here.


As if that’s not enough, it seems that I’ve lost my mind –

I’m hooking you up with TWO more Rapid Fat Loss
– BOTH of which will SHOCK you –

It’s like Christmas in April!

You can get ALL THREE rapid fat loss bonuses today
when you grab your copy of “More Kettlebell Muscle.”

Get ready for pool season, baby!


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