Rapid Fat Loss Is Like The High Desert (Without The Cactus)

I live in the “high dessert” – at about 7000 feet above sea
level. It’s pretty cool – I can see Pike’s Peak from my back

The “not cool” thing about living here is the weather.

For example, today we had freezing rain and it was 16 degrees
Farenheit when I left home.

Yesterday, we had a high of 56 F.

The day before – freezing rain.

Tomorrow? Supposed to be a high of 52.

And the weather over the next week is more of the same –

Up and down, up and down, up and down.

Losing fat as fast as possible is like that.

Well, at least the mechanisms that induce the body to lose
fat rapidly need to be like that.

Up and down. Up and down. Up and down.


I wrote a ground-breaking special report on it back in 2012.

Rather than expand upon that in this email, I wrote another
report last year (it’s still very relevant today) and updated
this concept of “contrasts” along with some other things
that will put you on the road to rapid fat loss.

It’s called,

In it, you’ll discover:

– The 5 pitfalls most most people stumble into when trying
to lose fat rapidly

– The 5 “Leverage Points” you must employ to avoid those

And it’s for people who:

– Have put on some pounds over the Holidays and want to shed

– People who find themselves starting and quitting traditional
fat loss programs due to frustration from lack of results

– People who have had initial success on fat loss programs
but are unable to maintain their results in the long term

– People who are highly motivated and just want to get that
durn fat off – NOW!

If you fit one of those 4 categories, then you’ll want to

The best part about this report, is that unlike the high
desert, there’s no cactus to brush up against or step on. :-)

Talk soon.


P.S. Don’t know if you saw this or not –

I had A TON of people asking me how they could get ahold of
“The Lazy Fat Loss Protocols” I mentioned earlier in the week.

I just put it on sale for $7.

(I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep it on sale or run
it as a special.)

Anyway, the reason I decided to sell it was actually threefold:

1) People are asking for it. (I can’t argue with that.)

2) It’s valuable stuff – all info I’ve used over the last 4
years very successfully with minimal effort.

3) If I just gave it to you, chances are better than good that
you’d open it, maybe download it, possibly print it out, and,
you might, just might use it.

So I want you to have just a little bit of skin in the game
to make sure you use the Protocols. (Sounds so “official”
doesn’t it? “Protocols.” LOL.)

It’s for people who aren’t into the whole rapid fat loss thing
and are more than happy to put their fat loss on virtual
autopilot – with very little effort on their part.

You’d “settle” for 0.5-1.0 pound a week and would be happy
being 12 pounds lighter by the spring.

If that’s you, then click the link below.

You’ll be taken directly to the shopping cart.

From there, you’ll be taken to the access page upon checkout.

Just a note – if you’re using PayPal – wait a few extra seconds
so PayPal can redirect you. If you don’t, you won’t get to the
access page.

Get “The Lazy Fat Loss Protocols” here.

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