Rapid KB Fat Loss WITHOUT The “Aggro”…

I’ll be the first to admit it –

Working out 6 days a week to lose a ton of fat as quickly
as possible is pretty daunting.

Not for the feint of heart or the over-scheduled individual.

That’s why “Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!” isn’t for everyone.

All that commitment can lead to some serious aggravation
if you’re not fully prepared for it.

Fortunately, there’s another solution to shed a bunch of fat -
just in time for summer -

And it’s VERY simple.


Simple doesn’t mean easy.

Far from it.

If you want to strip off 2-3 pounds of body fat a week
and don’t mind some short, hard, focused workouts –

Then you’ll want to grab a copy of my new book, “More
Kettlebell Muscle.”

The whole purpose of the book is to provide you with
time-efficient (less than 90 minutes a week of actual
working out) programs – a full approach really -

For hacking off all that nasty unwanted body fat in
record time.

More about how you can get it at a severely discounted
price and maybe some other free goodies coming shortly.

In the meantime, here are the answers to some questions
you may have:

Q: How is this different than “Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!”?

A: “EXTREME!” is ONE program – 4 weeks long, 6 days
a week. It is a SHOCK cycle.

It’s not designed to be sustainable.

And because it’s a SHOCK cycle – people get shocking
results – I think the best so far is 21 pounds in 29 days.

BUT it takes A LOT of work and mental preparation.

There are A LOT of moving parts to the program.

“More Kettlebell Muscle” is EXACTLY the opposite.

(They don’t call me “Captain Complex” for nuthin’!)

– It’s actually TWENTY (20) different programs based on
complexes. (If you do them as chains you’ll have FORTY
different programs.).

And by programs, that’s EXACTLY what I mean – they’re
not “workouts” but entire programs.

There are 129 weeks of programs inside “MKM” and that’s
only if you do them as complexes.

Double that if you use them as chains – so 258 weeks –

That’s 5 years of workouts!

(More if you take every 13th week off.)

Q: How much fat loss are you talking about when you
say “rapid?” As much as “EXTREME!”?

A: 2-3 pounds of fat a week is what most people can
generally expect with the “MKM” programs, depending
on a variety of factors:

– How much fat you have to lose and how much you’ve
already lost

– Your overall general conditioning

– Whether or not you choose to eat in a caloric deficit

– Your skill levels with the kettlebell

So, no, not as much as “EXTREME!” but the major
difference is there is WAY less work and preparation
with the MKM programs.

Q: Will your rapid fat loss programs inside “More Kettlebell
Muscle” work for women as well as men?

A: Yup – equally so.

In fact, I use “MKM” methodology with several of my female
clients. One dropped 8% body fat in 6 weeks, only training
twice a week.

Q: Do I have to use a pair of kettlebells? What if I only have
one? Or what if I don’t have a matching pair?

A: The “More Kettlebell Muscle” programs are designed
to be used with a pair of kettlebells. You could use one, but
I wouldn’t expect the results to be the same – just not enough
work – not enough challenge to the system.

Sure, you’ll still get some benefits – see some fat loss – but
I wouldn’t expect it to be as much.

And yup, you can use mis-matched pairs of KBs – just make
sure to switch them around between sets.

And finally, you could always buy another one. They’re not
that expensive anymore and are readily available at most
sporting goods stores.

Q: How does “More Kettlebell Muscle” differ from your
book “Kettlebell Muscle?”

A: MKM is a compendium of complex programs – many
designed for rapid fat loss, some for fat loss, some for

The truth of the matter is though, if you undereat on any
of the programs, you’ll lose fat. They’re just that demanding.

KM is a book where I lay out the justification for using
complexes, their benefits, and the science that validates
their usage.

Plus, in KM, I flipped the complex training paradigm on its
head – everyone at the time was talking about using
complexes for fat loss.

Based on my extensive use of complexes at the time over
the previous 12 years (I wrote KM in 2009), I knew that they
were being sold short. So I designed a program that did the
opposite –

Packed on muscle – lots of muscle – in a short period of time.

The average results were about one pound of muscle per
week for 12 weeks while training for about one hour each
week. Pretty good return on investment if you ask me.

So MKM takes us back to the fat loss model.

The majority of the programs are designed differently
from the KM program – which was just one 12 week program –
and they’re designed to burn a maximum amount of calories
per training session.

Also, there’s no scientific rationale for fat loss in MKM
because I already covered it in KM – they’re just working

Q: How does “More Kettlebell Muscle” differ from “Kettlebell

A: While “Express!” is time efficient, it’s designed to be used
with one KB and has all different kinds of program models in
there – circuits, supersets, complexes, etc.

MKM is strictly complexes. (And chains too.) And it’s got a
double KB focus. It’s the most time-efficient way to train for
extreme all-around fitness – with a focus on rapid fat loss.

If you’re eating maintenance levels or underrating, the
metabolic demands of the program are so great your body
just can’t help but shed the extra fat.

That’s the biggest difference.

Q: When will I be able to get a copy of “More Kettlebell
Muscle?” and how much will it cost?

A: I’ll be releasing “More Kettlebell Muscle” early next
week – probably Monday or Tuesday at a steep discount.

Q: Will “More Kettlebell Muscle” be digital or hard copy?

A: It’ll be digital so you can download it instantly and start
using it from Day 1. No waiting on USPS for package delivery.

That’s it for now.

If you have any other questions I didn’t cover, shoot me an

Talk soon.


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