RAPID V. Slow Fat Loss

Hope you had a great Easter / Passover weekend (if you
celebrated one of them).

As well as being a time for rejoicing and reflection, they’re
usually filled with family time and indulging in too much
chocolate and candy. (Peeps anyone??)

My wife made this amazing yellow lemon-blueberry cake with
cream cheese frosting. Mmmmmm…

Which reminds me –

It’s that time of year again…


It’s sprung.

And that means that beach/pool season is right around the


If you put on some unwanted “baggage” this winter and want
to get it off lickety-split… Pronto… Yesterday…

Then there’s a very specific way to do it…

And it’s not like normal fat loss.


It’s VERY strategic.

Best part?

You can do it with just one [heavy-ish] pair of kettlebells.


(Don’t you just hate “but’s?”)

There are some moving parts you have to be aware of.

I wrote for a Special Report for you on exactly how to
get rid of that spare baggage at lightening speed.

Download it here.

(There’s no opt-in or anything like that.)

Talk soon.


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