Rapid V. Time Efficient Fat Loss?

Between you and me, I have something to confess:

I “hate” rapid fat loss programs, even though I’ve done 2 of
them over the course of my life.


Because they’re a pain in the butt.


Sure, there’s a big payoff, BUT they take so much time:

– Prep work
– Eating
– Training
– Recovering

And then there’s the psychological arousal required to stay
“up” and focused for your 30 days or so.



Definitely don’t plan on doing one of those when you have a
lot on your plate.

You’ll fail.


Then beat yourself up because you failed.

Not cool.

What if you could get say, 50% of the results of a rapid fat loss
program like “Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!” in about ONE-THIRD
of the time?

That wouldn’t be too bad, would it?

(Of course not. That’d be freakin’ great.)

If the idea of a time-efficient, quasi-rapid fat loss program
using your KBs sounds appealing to you, here’s a brief (time-
efficient) special report I wrote for you about it.

(There’s no opt-in or anything like that – just straight to the

Talk soon.


P.S. When I say “one-third of the time” I mean anywhere
between 20 and 30 minutes per workout, only 3 days a

Here’s how this works.

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