Happy Friday to you!

It sure is for me (us)!

Our 9 1/2 month old son slept through
the night for the very first time!

I was dumbfounded to hear him cry and
look over at the clock to see what time
it was – 5:55am.

I could hardly believe my eyes!

The sleep deprivation over the last
3-4 weeks has been unbelievable.

Today, I’m really tired from finally
getting a full night’s sleep for the
first time in 9 months!

If you’re a parent, I’m sure you’re
laughing because you remember or are
going thru the same thing.

Anyway that brings me to my point –

Did you know that if you’re routinely
getting less than 7 1/2 hours of sleep
a night you’re essentially shooting
yourself in the foot?

That’s right – you’re literally robbing
yourself of results.

According to a study done by Speigel et
al, in the “Annals of Internal Medicine”
in 2004, chronic sleep deprivation messes
with your appetite controlling hormones –
leptin and ghrelin – and leads to increased
hunger and appetite.

That means that the frequency of being
hungry increases and so does the amount
of food you can eat in a sitting.

Worse yet, the same study found that due
to fatigue, the participants made worse-
than-normal food choices.

That’s like the Trifecta of Terrible Tummy
Fat or something like that.

Here’s the interesting part though –

Even if you are chronically sleep deprived
you CAN STILL MAKE fantastic progress.

You don’t have to be like the study’s

You CAN turn it around.


Here’s how –

Use workouts that combat your hunger hormones
and balance out your growth and recovery
hormones like these.

Make it simple and don’t try to reinvent
the wheel.

When you’re sleep deprived, which scientists
are now calling anything under 7 1/2 hours,
you need to DO LESS NOT MORE to see results

That’s what I’ve been doing and I’ve been
seeing great results.

Have a great weekend and get some sleep! :-)


P.S. I just wanted to say a special thanks to
my buddy Philippe Til, in Santa Monica, who
gave me a call last week and pointed us in the
right direction on the whole sleep thing.

VERY Smart guy and trainer is Philippe – so
if you need some help and you’re anywhere near
Santa Monica give him a call. (He’s also a Ninja –
seriously – he’s got a black belt in Ninjitsu
which makes him “extra bad-a$$” – LOL)

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