Re: “Kettlebell STRONG!” – Almost Sold Out

Hey – just a heads up.

My Kettlebell STRONG! 43rd Birthday Prime Sale where you can get 55% off the regular price is almost over.

There’s only 12 hours left.

And, there’s more bad news:

Apparently I only have 107 copies left.


Because I have to make changes to the current cover and have to get the new materials to the fulfillment house in the New Year.

So that means when the 107 (probably less by the time you get this email because they’re flying off the shelves because people tend to wait to the last day of a sale to finally make up their mind to buy…) are gone, this will be off the market until I get the cover updated in early 2016.

So if you want your copy, get it now before it’s too late.

Go here to reserve your copy of Kettlebell STRONG! at 55% off.

Talk soon.


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