RE: Minimalist KB Training?

About 5 years ago my wife and I drove spent a week
at the beach in NC. I drove down ahead of her and
did one of my toughest KB workouts ever –

10 x 10 Clean and Presses with a pair of 32kg bells.

I’m not going to lie – it was TOUGH.

I even rested 5 minutes between sets.

It took a lot mentally to finish that off.

In fact, it made the “check the box” list – a list
of strength accomplishments that once done, I have
zero desire to repeat it.

The best part?

I didn’t have to do any work for about 3 days
after. :-) (It was vacation after all…)

The cool thing was that I tossed my KBs in the
trunk, and took off to the beach.

That being said –

Most of us got into kettlebells for one of several

1. We were tired of or injured from traditional
strength training and needed something else to
challenge ourselves

2. We fell for the hyperbolic marketing – like
“tree-swinging traps” (that one got me, seriously).

3. We loved the idea of a portable simplistic tool
that covered all the physical bases – strength,
endurance, flexibility.

And it’s that last part that really hits home with
me now.

My life is complicated enough as it is – I don’t
need it more so by a bunch of other equipment.

Kettlebells exemplify the concept of “minimalist

You and a pair of KBs is really all you ever need.

And the best part about your pair of KBs is if
you know what you’re doing, you can start with a
heavy pair, and through intelligent programming,
you can eventually make them feel light.

The “best” minimalist KB exercise?

I’ve talked about this before, but it bears repeating –

A combined pull + push -

So a Clean + Press or –

A Clean + Push Press or –

A Clean + Jerk.


Because ALL the muscles in your body get used.

Legs. Hips. Shoulders. Abs. Chest. Arms. Lungs.
And heart. Both your physical heart and your will.

And the results?

For very little time invested, you can remodel your
entire body and mind with only a pair of KBs in
your own “Courage Corner.”

The best “minimalist KB training program?”

“Kettlebell STRONG!”

You. A pair of heavy KBs. And 40+ weeks of simple,
effective training to renovate your body and mind
in minimal space and minimal time.

Get your copy here.

Talk soon.



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