RE: My Wife’s Post-Turkey Day Workout…

How’s that post-Thanksgiving coma/hangover?

Well we all stuffed ourselves silly – 3
different kinds of pie… Mmmmmmmmm…

Anyway – here’s what my wife’s got planned
today for her post-feast workout – and it’s
very simple –

– Some specialty post-partum exercises
I’ve created for her – about 5 minutes
– Set timer for 8 minutes
– 11 2H Swings on the minute
– For 8 minutes


Yeah – it’s quick and simple. But that’s
all she’s got time for – the boy runs her

You know how it is probably, right?

Anyway, wanted to let you know that you
can still get a ton – 49 actually – different
kettlebell programs in my “Kettlebell Express!”

That’s something like 343 weeks of short,
time-effecient, stress-busting KB workouts.

Seriously – there’s that many.

Get them now.

Why’d I decide to extend the sale?

You can thank my wife – she said that a lot
of people – maybe you – were missing out
on this since most people travel on the
Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Duh. Forgot all about that – sorry.

That’s why I’m making it up to you and extending
the “Kettlebell Express!” sale – including the
2 KILLER Bonuses –

until Midnight tonite –

the 25th – so don’t miss out –

Grab you’re copy before time runs out.

Talk soon.


P.S. I’d hate to see you struggle through
the Holiday Season without decent workouts –

Getting even more stressed trying to rush
around and get presents and dealing with
relatives and all that.

Make sure that doesn’t happen to you by
getting your 49 time-efficient, stress-
relieving “Kettlebell Express!” programs

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