RE: My Wife’s Recent Strength PRs From Using The “One” Program

Last night I came home with pizza and ice cream in
hand and my wife was nowhere to be found.

“Honey!” I called.

And she came bounding down the stairs from our
bedroom with a smile on her face.

“What’re you doing?” I asked.

“I just finished cooling down. I was working out.”

“Cool.” I replied. “What’d you do?”

And there was that coy smile again.

“I pressed the 20 (kg)! I haven’t done that since before
Michael was born!”

“Awesome! How’d it feel?”

“Easy on the right. Couldn’t get it on the left though.
How come I couldn’t press it for my RKC even though
I was training hard and I haven’t been training that
much at all lately? I certainly haven’t pressed heavy.”

I knew the answer.

Sure, she’s messing around with her diet a little bit
lately but that’s not it.


It’s because she’s so pinched for time that she barely
has time to workout.

When she does, she occasionally uses the principles
in “Kettlebell STRONG!” but PRIMARILY she uses –

And this is going to sound backwards –

A conditioning program.

It’s called the “One” program.

But see, as my wife’s recent PRs (oh yeah, forgot to
mention – she easily pressed a pair of 16s for reps
not having done any doubles work for a longggg
time) prove –

A properly constructed “conditioning” program using
KBs will make your whole body stronger – yes, even
your Press.

You can get the “One” program inside “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

And the BEST part about the “One” program?

It’s “only” TEN MINUTES long.

That’s “it.”

Why am I telling you about my wife’s strength PRs?

Cause women need to be strong too.

In fact, I LOVE the fact my wife is physically strong.

I think it’s – dare I say it – sexy.

(Ugh – I sound like I’m writing for a tabloid or something.)

But it’s true.

I find her incredibly beautiful and attractive. And that’s
something you don’t hear much about these days –

STRONG women are BEAUTIFUL women.

I better stop digging now, because all women have
a beauty to them – it’s the way they’re made.

If you want to be a strong(er) woman get your copy
of “Kettlebell STRONG!” before Midnight tonight.

And guys – if there’s woman in your life who needs
some extra strength get her a copy of “Kettlebell
STRONG!” before Midnight tonight.

That’s 7 hours from now.

Don’t delay, come Midnight, “Kettlebell STRONG!”
will no longer be for sale.

To your newfound strength,


P.S. My wife also started doing Pull Ups again…
Need I say more? :-)

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