RE: Shoulder Injuries And How To Avoid Them

You ever tweak your shoulder working out?

(Ha! Seems like everyone I’ve ever talked to has…)

If not, you’re pretty lucky.

I remember my first really good shoulder injury – it was
on a bench press in Ukraine in 1994 while benching

The bench was unlevel (or the floor was) and it was
tilted down and sideways to the right.

I was scheduled to do a 3×3 but on my second rep of my
second set of 3, I could feel my body slide as I was
pushing the weight off my chest and then a little tweak
in the front of my right shoulder.

Fun stuff…

(Not really.)

Could never bench with a wide grip again after that…

And of course I had a few others during my years weightlifting.

How ’bout you?

Remember what caused your first one?

If it wasn’t the bench, I bet it was one of these 5 exercises –
they’re arguably some of the worst for your shoulder

Discover what they are by taking this short 4 question
quiz on shoulder exercise technique.

(I think #4 will surprise you – I had to think about it for a

The videos are by guy I met in my mastermind group
a couple of years ago – Rick Kaselj. (Pronounced

He’s a smart dude with a real laid back personality and
a passion for helping injured people get back to
working out and pain free exercise.

Check out the videos (they’re free) here.

By the way, I kinda disagree with exercise #5 – you can
do them with some modification – use only one arm
and add a slight bit of torso rotation into the direction
of the exercise.

Enjoy the videos.

Talk soon.


P.S. You may know some of this stuff already – or you
may not. Regardless, it’s a good refresher and you never
know, you may be able to help someone else. Pay it forward
and all that…

Or you may have an “a-ha” moment about your shoulder(s)…

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