RE: Typo In Last Email = Confusion (Sorry)…

Sorry about the confusion – and thanks to Matt
who alerted me to this… that’s what happens when
the lil’ guy wakes you up at 3am…

Anyway, the confusion was that I said breathing
thru the mouth charges the diaphragm… should be
nose – here’s the sentence in context…

“Because when you inhale through your nose you can
draw air into your diaphragm which “charges” your
abs to protect your spine.

When you inhale thru your mouth, you can’t do that
so you start using what are called accessory
respiratory muscles – muscles that assist in
breathing – as the main muscles to do the breathing. ”

Hope that clears things up…


P.S. Don’t worry – the boy is sleeping fine – we’re
not regressing – he just didn’t eat a lot yesterday
so he woke up 45 minutes ahead of when Mom
normally feeds him.

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