RE: Where’s The “Free Advise”???!!

Last week I got a rather interesting email from someone.

In it, she accused me of, well – here’s the email –

“what about a little free advise instead of you
referring to alway trying to buy something..
I am getting bored with your so called Kettlebell

So I had to wonder for a moment – does she have
a valid point?

Was I not giving away free “advise”?

So I went back and checked the 10 previous emails
before she sent her complaint and lo’ and behold,
here’s what was there –

“A Simple “Trick” To Gain Strength On Your Press”

The Free Advice: Do neck rotations before you Press –
and the neurology behind why it works.

“I just saw the most amazing thing…”

The Free Advice: Get the most out of your life. And
I actually wrote a 30 day Swing program inside.

“The BEST Intervals For Fat Loss?”

The Free Advice: The ones you can do. And I told you
where I started my clients – 15s work:45s rest.

“Which burns more fat – Swings or Snatches?”

The Free Advice: Yes-both. Depends on the individual.

“Forgotten Fat Loss Strategy #2 (Dumb.)”

The Free Advice: Plan ahead for success. Workouts.
Meals. Everything.

“Forgotten Fat Loss Strategy #1″

The Free Advice: Program your recovery – in other
words, be active about your recovery – something
people rarely do.

“Quick Swing Tip From This Weekend’s “Kettlebell
Muscle” Workshop”

The Free Advice: Learn to stretch out your backswing
on your KB ballistics exercises for more explosive
lifts and more calorie burning.

“March Madness QnA – KB Training for Athletes,
RKC Prep, & Overtrained Abs”

The Free Advice: Which KB exercises athletes should
start with, what program a person going to the RKC
should use to prepare, and how to not overtrain your

“These 3 Unconventional Ab Exercises Made My
Swings Effortless!”

The Free Advice: 3 Unconventional ab exercises I
had been doing in my own training which complimented/
strengthened my Swings.

“[Description Inside] EXACTLY How To Perform
The Russian Ballet Thrust”

An exact step-by-step description of how to
perform a great ab exercise.

Looks like an awful lot of “free advise” to me.

In fact, I think the REAL question isn’t “how about
some free advice.”

It’s “how is all this NOT free advice?”

Talk soon.


P.S. Also got this email yesterday after the
inspirational story about my client “Lee” who
Clean + Push Pressed 40 reps in a row –

“Thanks for doing all these emails. I’ve been getting
pretty bored with my work outs and was thinking about
leaving KB’s for a while and working on Olympic type
lifts with a bar. But thanks to you- I realized I
should just change my lifts and do more compound stuff.
These clean and push presses sound like a great place
to start.”

best wishes, Michael-Scott Earle

Thanks, Michael-Scott – that’s why I do what I do.

If you’re bored with your workouts, get some fresh
ones here –

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