Recapture Your Lost Strength With This “Super Hack”

I want to share something with you that will not only
change your life as you know it forever – strong
words I know – but is near and dear to my heart.

If you’ve been a “Kettlebell Secrets” subscriber for
any length of time, then you’ve seen my ups and
downs, travels and travails with my body.

In fact, I’ve often felt like describing my training
has been more like describing a train wreck while
watching it happen then anything else.

As I look back over the last decade, my quest
has been to get back to doing the things I love to
do physically – and that’s to lift heavy stuff – and
to do it pain free.

I feel like I owe you an apology.

See, I feel like I’ve been beating around the bush
many times over the last couple of years when
describing some of the processes that have led
to where I am today –

Over 40 and full of life – able to run, jump, lunge,
roll, twist, turn, and generally goof off like a teenager –

Free from pain and free inside my body to do –

Well, pretty much darn near anything my mind
can dream up.

How many 40 year olds – especially with my kind
of mileage – two once-busted hips, a once-busted
lower back, and a once-busted knee – can say that?

You’re right – the silence is deafening.

The TRUTH is I’m not unique – not even in my
stubbornness – everything I’ve accomplished with
my body I honestly believe you can too.

You can start right now – as you are reading this
email to recapture your lost strength.

And you can do it by starting with this simple, yet
powerful “Super Hack” –

(Keep reading after this because I’ll tell you what
I’ve learned to be the “Master Reset” which is like
the “Super Hack” on steroids.)

So go ahead and stand up – right now –

Go on – I know you’re tempted not to – but I want
you to experience this for real –

Stand up and literally march in place –

Touching your left elbow to your right knee and
alternating that by touching your right elbow to
your left knee.

If you can’t quite reach your elbows to your knees
that’s OK – just touch your knees with your opposite
hand – it’ll have almost the same effect.

Do this for 10 reps each side. 20 total.

That’s it.

This is called the “Cross Crawl.”

And it is a POWERFUL neurological reset that
improves –

– mood
– memory
– your ability to think

And best of all –

– Your ability to move – and move into lost ranges
of motion.

(If you actually did your Cross Crawls, you might be
a little out of breath and standing up taller.)

How does it work?

Well that’s the subject of a much longer discussion.

Let’s just say this for now:

The Cross Crawl is your STARTING point – as it was
mine – to recapturing your body’s lost strength.

It was THE thing that FINALLY flipped the switch and
started putting my body back together again –


– creating pelvic stability and abdominal control so
I could finally use my abs again (and for the first time
that I remember actually move in the “hollow” position)

– recapturing hip mobility from a virtually destroyed hip
so I could move without jacking up my lower back in
the process AND finally get my bodyweight Pistol

– improving my coordination and sharpening my reflexes
so I could finally catch and throw balls without them
bouncing off my hands and making me feel like an idiot

– strengthen my shoulders and tie them to the rest of
my body so I could finally do a One Arm One Leg
Push Up without really training that hard for it

And most importantly -

– It gave me my confidence and youth back so I could
play with my son and not hurt myself in the process
and not steal fond future moments and memories
from him

Yup – the humble Cross Crawl was LIFE-CHANGING
for me – as I know it will be for you – if you let it be.

That is to say – if it’s pure simplicity doesn’t create
disbelief in its effectiveness.

Better Than The “Super Hack” – The “Master Reset”

As powerful as the Cross Crawl is – there’s an
exercise EVEN MORE POWERFUL for recapturing
your lost strength.

How much can you recapture with this “Master Reset?”

Well let’s just say I tested it out this past January
and got back on the weightlifting platform after a
two-year absence and was pulling weights in exercises
I’d never pulled before.

In fact, my body felt like it did way back in 1995
when I first started weightlifting, with one major
exception – the absence of pain in my knees.

Not to mention the fact that it has enabled me to
start training like a 200lbs+ gymnast.

I could keep listing all the amazing things I’ve
been able to do since I’ve incorporated the
Master Reset into my training but I won’t.

Instead, I’ll just tell you what this Master Reset

The Spiderman Crawl.


Sounds completely unbelievable and possibly
unbelievably stupid.

Crawling around on the floor like Spiderman.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is, you probably
can’t do the Spiderman Crawl –

At least not correctly.

Why not?

Because you’re body’s not ready for it.

You actually need to spend time doing other
easier resets – like the five found in “Becoming

And not to be a downer, but as awesome as they
are, hands on, in-the-trenches experience with
my private clients over the past 3 years has
proven without a doubt that many people
need to do the Bulletproofing Regressions.

What are the Bulletproofing Regressions?

They’re what we came up with when even the
resets didn’t reset to the degree we thought they

So we came up with Regressions – which are
pieces of the Resets – that still reset your body
and enable you to recapture your lost strength.

And they are what we teach at our “Becoming
Bulletproof” workshops.

We’ve discovered, mainly through watching my
son develop and through our clients’ feedback –

That many people, because they sit all day long,
actually need these regressions.

And they’re amazingly simple and profound.

How profound?

Well, I’m seeing a Physical Therapist tomorrow
to help HER with her busted shoulder. :-)

(No, I am NOT treating her pain – I’m helping
her body restore its own natural movements.)

You will learn them all when you attend the
upcoming “Becoming Bulletproof” workshop on
March 2nd

But you must hurry if you want to get the Early
Bird discount – it ends on the 16th.

Go here to reserve your spot – they’re filling up

I’ll show you EXACTLY how I know there’s a 95%
chance you’re not ready for the Master Reset –
the Spiderman Crawl yet.

And more importantly, I’ll show you EXACTLY
what you need to do to progress to the the
Spiderman Crawl so you can feel the way I feel
writing this email –

Filled with hope, joy, and power – knowing that
my body is stronger today than it ever has been
and I have the capacity to do whatever it is I want
to do and withstand all that life throws at me.

If you want to experience this feeling too, reserve
your spot at the upcoming “Becoming Bulletproof”

See you there!


If you’ve found this email helpful, feel free to pass it
along to a friend or loved one.

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