Reclaim Your Reflexive Stability – Step-By-Step [Details Inside]

Sitting here on the plane next to my buddy Tim Anderson
heading up to Boston for the Boston StrongFirst KB Cert
where he’s assisting and I’m Deputy Chief.

It’ll be a great time.

The biggest change I made in my KB training in the last
couple of years allowed me to get more reps with heavier
weights –

Improve my conditioning and recovery at a faster pace and –

Keep me leaner with less effort than at any other point
in my life (did I mention I’m 40?) –

And that’s regaining my Reflexive Stability.

If you’ve seen the videos over the past week or so, I’ve been
doing things lately that I haven’t been able to do since
I was in my early 20s.

Focusing on regaining – or rather RECLAIMING your
reflexive stability will clear up SO MANY of your frustrating

For example:

– It will help naturally align your posture so your body works
optimally – using the right muscles at the right times for the
right jobs

– It will help eliminate movement dysfunctions that rob you
of efficient movement – which means you’ll improve your
strength and conditioning without doing an extra work

– It will decrease and ultimately eliminate your need for
joint mobility work and foam roller work and many of the
traditional “movement prep” stuff

– It will make you stronger from the inside out – improving
important processes like digestion, and immune system
function – so that it’s easier to get lean and stay lean

– And so much more…

The best part of all this – is it’s SIMPLE.

ANYONE can do it with very little time, effort, or energy
and with little if any “precision.”

You can discover exactly how to reclaim your reflexive
stability and why this 5 step sequence works in my new
book –

Original Strength.

Ok, it’s not really mine – I co-wrote it with Tim Anderson,
who has been the driving force behind behind the quest
to understand the how to build the most resilient (toughest)
body we can build.

Get your copy here – at – downloadable
almost instantly on kindle

Don’t worry if you don’t have a kindle – you can download
a free kindle reader to your Mac, PC, iPad, or iPhone here

The best part of this simple 5-step sequence is that any one
of the 5 steps will go a long way to improve your reflexive
stability – whether you do them in the order we put them
in or not.

Original Strength is a quick read and will show you step-by-
step the 5 major body “resets” that – when practiced for a
whopping 5-10 minutes a day – will help you reclaim your
reflexive stability – which is the physical strength you were
designed to have – and keep – throughout your life.

The best part is that these 5 resets are literally “all” you
need to do

Do them as a warm up then go swing your kettlebells.

Or press them, or whatever you want to do with them.

You’ll notice the difference in your strength immediately.

Talk soon.


P.S. Stay tuned – I have another important announcement
over the next several days that will really make your KB
workouts a whole lot better…

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