Remember Your First Time Using “Cattle-Balls?”

I do.

I thought I was ready.

I’d prepared weeks in advance.

And when the moment came, not only was it awkward, it HURT really, REALLY Bad!

That durn kettlebell (like it was the KB’s fault) stalled bottom’s up and came crashing down on the back of my wrist.

And it hurt like STINK!

Not to be deterred, I snatched that 32kg again and you know what?


A second goose egg started developing on top of my first goose egg that had literally appeared in seconds, leaving the back of my wrist black and blue!


I took the KB out to the front yard and proceeded to clip off 20 of what are now called “American Swings” – up over the head – Which, by the way, can really wreck your shoulders and lower back…

I didn’t think 20 Swings were that bad until –

… about 6 seconds…

The my lungs exploded and caught fire and I was transported 12 years back in time to wrestling practice…

“Good stuff… Good stuff…” I sputtered as I stumbled over to my car, placing my hands on the hood, as if I were about to be [cardiac] arrested.

That’s how it all started.

That was a cold January night way back in 2002.

My how things have changed since then.

– We’ve discovered that American shoulders don’t like traditional Russian Swings…

– We’ve discovered that you can use Eastern martial arts practices and apply them to KB training…

– We’ve discovered that the Get Up is a fantastic shoulder restoration and total body exercise…

– And so much more…

And unfortunately –

We’ve discovered that the kettlebell isn’t as easy to learn how to use as was described in a 70 page book and a 45 minute VHS tape.

Hence the certifications and courses we’ve seen, taken, or wished we’ve taken in the last 14 years or so.

And that’s the primary reason why I put together THE BIG 6 Video Series.

Not everyone can or wants to go to a cert or a one-day “user” course.

Not everyone wants to pay or has access to one a certified KB Instructor.

But I’m 99% certain that everyone, including you, who’s using kettlebells starts at ground zero –

That point where you go, “I think this is how you do a _____.”

THE BIG 6 takes the guesswork out of it.

There’s 5 hours and 48 minutes of “Workshop Style” videos in it – like your attending a workshop – except you get to move through it at your own pace.

And just in case you needed a reminder – It’s yours FREE today and ONLY today – as part of the last day of my Retirement Sale.

Go here for the details.

Talk soon.

P.S. If I had stopped my KB training after those ugly “first time failures” I’d never be where I am today.

I sought out to train with the best and understand as much as I could.

That’s why I put THE BIG 6 together for you.

You deserve the Best.

There’s nothing on the market like this.

Get your copy today.

P.P.S. This is the last day to get THE BIG 6 FREE when you choose your “Retirement Package” as part of this massive 84% Off Sale.

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