[REPLAY] – Kettlebells, Reflexive Stability, Fat Loss Failure, And You…

Mornin’, Mornin’!

Not sure if you got a chance to listen to this or not –

I was interviewed my Jim Katsoulis, a master of motivation
when it comes to exercise and consistency, last Thursday
night. (He’s an expert in hypnosis and NLP.)

Here are some of the things we covered that you’ll find

– The top 2 reasons people fail to get results on any
program – kettlebell or otherwise…

– What makes KBs so effective for (of course you probably
know most of this – but a little refresher never hurt)…

– Reflexive Stability – what it is and why it’s important –
for kettlebell training, fat loss, and overall general health

And much, much more.

motivation – especially when you hear about the “mind
stuff” and the “Universal Law” stuff.

Talk soon.


P.S. I think the call replay is coming down tonight if
I remember correctly. Don’t quote me on that – the ol’
memory has been a bit fuzzy lately with the lack of
sleep. Still, if you want to catch it, I wouldn’t wait.

Listen to it here.

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