Ripped, Rugged, And Dense? (A.K.A. “Shut Up.”)


“What?” I said while standing in the doorway to our
bedroom the other morning kvetching to my wife about
something that didn’t go exactly my way.

“You’re upper body is looking THICK,” said my wife.


“It’s the kettlebell Clean + Jerks.”

Maybe she was just trying to distract me to get me to
shut up. LOL.

But I’ll be honest – I thought I was looking a little beefier t
hat morning too.

But I wasn’t sure – you know how your imagination can
play tricks on you.

Here’s some more brutal honesty –

I hate KB Clean and Jerks.

They WIND me.

And I HATE being winded.

However, there’s nothing like doing high volume
Clean + Jerks paired with a high volume of eating to
start packing meat on your otherwise coat-hanger like


You have to spend some time learning how to perform
them so you don’t jack up your shoulders or your
lower back.

You need –

+ Mobile hips to keep the weight of the KBs out of
your lower back

+ A mobile T-Spine so you can put your shoulders
straight over your head without compensating and
hyper-extending at the lower back (great for back
injuries by the way)

+ Adequate ankle mobility so you can dip straight
down on your Jerks and not shoot your hips back
which can jack up your lower back and shoulders
when trying to put them there KBs over your head

+ Appropriate shoulder mobility, stability, and flexibility
so you don’t jam up your rotator cuffs or drop the
KBs on your feet

How do you get this much needed mobility to experience
compliments from your spouse first thing in the morning
too get you to shut up and refocus you on whatever your
next and more important task should be?


Read pages 59-69 of the “Kettlebell STRONG!” book
and then watch the second-to-last segment on the
second DVD. 

Then, when you’re done, practice the special technique
drills on pages 69-72.

Will the double kettlebell Clean + Jerk get you “ripped,
rugged, and dense?”

There’s only one way to find out for sure:

1. Learn the technique first.

2. Follow the “STRONG!” Slow and Steady program.

3.  Eat lean proteins, veggies, and the right amount of starch
post workout.

Then shoot me an email and a picture of your results and
your own “shut up” story. :-)

Talk soon.


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