Rubber Band V. Bazooka KB Fat Loss Training (WEIRD)

So you want to lose a bunch of fat, eh?

Who doesn’t?

Seems like popular culture is saturated by the obsessive need to
“blast fat.”

And no wonder – 66% of America is categorized as “overweight.”

And a full one-third is categorized as “obese.”

Not sure where the rest of the world stands. Hear Australia is catching
up with us. Along with China. (Thanks, McDonald’s.)

How can people be getting fatter and yet the weight loss industry
continues to grow as a multi-BILLION dollar industry?

Obviously there’s a big fat disconnect there. (Pun intended.)

What’s the disconnect?

That’s a whole ‘nother can of worms I don’t want to open right
now, but let’s just say in many cases it has to do with hope and
purpose. Or lack of both.

Moving on…

If you want to lose fat, here’s the first thing you need to do – which,
you already know, but most likely are resisting – because most of us

– Eat less junk food.

– Then, eat less processed food. Say goodbye to chips, cookies,
cereal, anything that comes in a box or a plastic bag, or a plastic
bag inside a box.

– Then, eat more fruits, veg, and lean cuts of meat, fish, and poultry.
And by “more,” I mean, this is what you should eat pretty much all
the time.

That’s the part that 90% of people overlook or worse yet -
refuse to acknowledge.

Simple stuff. Not easy.

You want to know what else people will do?

They’ll skip that stuff and try to get the fat off through their workouts.

Especially using a kettlebell.

As if there’s something more “magical” about a kettlebell than anything
else or any other tool.

Actually, there is.

The ballistic exercises are amazing for hacking off fat – better, according
to one study done in 2010, then almost anything else other than running
a 6-minute mile (I can’t do that, can you?) or long distance cross-country
skiing. (Don’t have access to skis, and I hate long distance anything.)

Which brings us to STAGE 3 in our 4-Stage Cycle for Perpetual Results:


There are many different methods using kettlebells for stripping off fat.

Some of them, combined with the dietary guidelines I suggested above,
will let you strip off fat rapidly.

Low reps.

High reps.

Low rest.

Super sets.



(Everyone “loves” complexes – too bad most people don’t have their
technique down solid enough to be able to do them effectively.)



There are many different ways and methods to losing fat with the
trusty KB.

How do you know which one is right for you, right now?

That’s what I want to discuss in the rest of this email.

The other day, I got off the phone with one of my favorite clients.

(Which sounds really bad because I love them all – I only work closely
with people who share the same values and desires that I have. So
again, they’re all really cool people.)

He and I have been working together for awhile and he’s made some
amazing changes.

Unfortunately, he’s also had some pretty big setbacks.

Through a series of unfortunate events, he’d put on some of the
weight he’d worked so hard to lose.

However, being the winner he is, he refused to give up.

So we came up with a strategy and jumped in.

Part of that strategy was behavior change.

And another part of that strategy was using a slingshot instead of
a bazooka.

Here’s what I mean:

I’m known for my double KB programs – and my rapid fat loss programs
are double KB programs.

And this client, like me, LOVES double KB programs. He’s seen some
amazing results from them.

So our normal reaction has been in the past to use those as our “go to”
programming because they have always pulled off double-digits in body
fat each month.

This time, we changed our strategy.

Our goal was to achieve double-digit weight loss on average, month
after month until our objective is complete.

But instead of pulling out the big guns – the bazooka this time – we
decided to see if we could achieve similar results using just a rubber
band and a paper clip, if you know what I mean.

So his primary exercise was the KB Swing with a single 24kg.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking:


“But Geoff, you’re the double KB guy. You’re the double KB is the
answer to everything and the meaning of life guy.”

“How could you… And why did you have him do just swings???”

Because “just swings” was the answer HE needed at this time, based
on all the information he was giving me based on all the stuff he had
just been through.

And I want to save my “ammunition” for when we really need it –
when fat loss starts to slow down to a crawl, which it inevitably will,
once he gets closer to his goals.

The next phase, which we just designed, is similar, and uses yet
another powerful single KB exercise.

And both he and I agreed that we were going to stick with the
“slingshot v. bazooka” strategy as long as he continues to pull
off double-digit gains each and every month.

So How’s This Story Apply To You?

Simple –

Almost all of us are in different places on our fat loss journey.

You may be a relative newbie to kettlebell training.

So you too might just need the proverbial “rubber band and paper
clip” to lose fat.

And 9 times out of 10, making your way through this 4-Stage Cycle
for the first time, that’s ALL you’ll need. You can keep the bazooka
on the shelf.

Case in point:

On the StrongFirst blog a couple of months ago was a story about
a man who lost 73 pounds in 90 days, which is absolutely fantastic,
by the way, as if I have to tell you.

He hadn’t worked out in years and decided to make a change, so he
took up kettlebell training.

His mistake was that although he was new to kettlebell training, he
was a former athlete so he thought he could handle an advanced
double KB training program.

He said that after a month he was overtrained, even though the book’s
author warned about that repeatedly.

(Hmmm… sounds suspiciously like someone I know…)

He then dialed it back, refocused on his nutrition, and a very simple
swing and get up dominant program.

Why did this happen?

He didn’t need to use the bazooka.

In fact, his body wasn’t ready for the bazooka.

It had no “training” to be able to handle the bazooka.

So it got stressed out, panicked, and shut down.

You may not be ready for the bazooka either.

In fact, as I mentioned earlier, if you’re going this cycle for the first
time, chances are better than good that you’re not ready for the
bazooka, especially if you’ve lived in significant pain or have been
working on getting rid of movement dysfunctions for any length
of time.

You’re not “advanced” enough yet to use it.

You need more “training” with the rubber band and paper clip, then
the water pistol, then the BB gun, then the Glock 9mm, then the
AR-15, then the… Well, you see where I’m going with this.

(Excuse my weapons training ignorance here please.)

As you make it through this 4-Stage Cycle, you’re conditioning, your
training will start to improve.

So once you go through it 2, 3, or 4 times (or more) the threshold
necessary to strip off excess body fat, assuming you still have some
to lose, will become higher and higher and higher, meaning –

You’ll have to use some bigger guns to get the job done.

What once you did with swings, you might have to do with snatches.

And what you did with snatches, you might have to move to super-sets
and circuits.

And what once was done with super-sets and circuits might
now have to be done with complexes – or double KB programming.

And what’s really crazy, is many people, because of STAGE 1 and
STAGE 2 find that a pure strength program mixed with a healthy diet
will serve as an amazing fat loss (STAGE 3) program, without having
to do much of anything associated with a “normal” fat loss program,
the first time through this cycle.

However, to drive home this point, as you get in better and better shape,
and need to lose less and less fat, you’ll need to resort to more complex
methods to get the job done.

And that explains why the “swing only” program you did when you
were new to kettlebells worked better for you the first time you did
it than the last time.

You need something more challenging, more complex.

And it also explains why you might not have seen the results you were
looking for from one of those advanced double KB fat loss programs –
you’re body just wasn’t ready for it.

You need something less challenging and less complex.

Make sense, right?

So what’s next?

What’s the 4th Stage?

It’s something you may not expect – especially in the kettlebell community,
especially if you’re used to hearing about strength as the primary focus.

Furthermore, if you’re a woman, when you hear what this stage is,
you may be shocked, because generally, women don’t train for this

Yet, it’s something we ALL need, men and women, especially as we

Did I just give it away?

You’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out for sure. :-)

Talk then.


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