Run off the road :-(

I drive up a curvy mountain road 5 days a week and have done so for the past 2+ years.

As a result, I’m pretty familiar with the road.

I know when to speed up and when to slow down.

I know where there’s going to be ice, and where the road is good.

I’d like to think I’ve pretty much got this down to a science.

Unfortunately, the person in the black pick up truck this morning didn’t.

I’m not sure if he/she was on a cell phone or not.

(We’ll say “he” for convenience and to avoid the stereotype of women being bad drivers.)

Didn’t matter.

He was swerving all over the road – almost hit the guardrail –

Almost hit me.

Which would’ve been unfortunate because I was right next to a rock wall – on a corner. Opposite me was a guardrail preventing people from going down a ravine.

Could’ve been bad.

So I did what anyone with half a brain would’ve done –

Leaned on my horn and when he got back in his own lane, I sped up and got away from him.

At one point, about 5 minutes later, I looked in my rearview mirror and saw him swerving in and out of lanes. Maybe he was high. It is Colorado after all.

That stuff is legal here.

This whole thing reminds me of training – working out – Whatever you want to call it.

You start at point A – and you’re trying to get to point B.

On your way to the top, there are any number of things or people who will either inadvertently or purposefully try to knock you off course.

One of the most insidious is your own subconscious. Sometimes, your subconscious is a “doubter” –

It doubts whether you can really make it to the top and as a result, you are constantly looking for the next, newest, shiniest, best-est workout around.

As a result, you get run off the road on your way to the top.

The worst part about it is, many times, you don’t know you’re off the road until many months have passed and you’re no better off than you were when you last looked at your journey.


Don’t let anyone run you off the road.

Get on a focused path to the top.

Talk soon.


P.S. One of the ABSOLUTE WORST ways to get knocked off the road is to…

Take your eyes off the road.

This often happens when you’re busy looking around on Flakebook, Instablab, or Pinhead and start comparing yourself to what others are doing (a.k.a. showing off).


Just focus on doing a little more today than you did yesterday.

Keep your eyes on the top of your mountain.

And of course, follow a tried and true path to the top.

Like this one.

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