Russian Kettlebell + French Chef = _____________ ?

I’ll never forget it.

It was one of the best trips ever – June, 2010.

I taught at an RKC in Denmark and my wife assisted.

After, we decided to spend a week in Paris, with a quick trip to Normandy.

Paris, was ah-mazing.

Far from being the snobs people say they are, every Parisian we ran into was super-friendly.

One of the store owners was actually a little too-friendly – He was hitting on my wife as we browsed his shop. LOL.

One of the best parts was the food.


(OK, and the wine too.)

And, literally every night after dinner, I’d stop by one of the street vendors and get a crepe.

But not just any old crepe.

No sir-ee.

I’d go whole-hog and get one filled with Nutella, which if you’ve never had before, certainly has to be proof that God exists and loves us. LOL.

It’s a creamy chocolate and hazelnut spread.

And I’m not certain, but I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to eat too much of it.

Which is why I tested that theory and had 2 crepes a couple of nights while we were there. :-)

Here was something really weird that I noticed.

I didn’t really see any overweight people.

I only saw one or two and they were… Americans.

No French that I could tell.

(I have a theory about that, which I’ll share with you sometime.)

The point is, French food was amazing, and neither my wife nor I gained any weight (fat) while we were there.

In fact, I lost a couple of pounds.

So lemme ask you a question:

What do you think would happen if you combined your Russian KB with food cooked up for you by a famous French Chef?

Admittedly, a slightly weird question for sure.

Here’s the first half of the answer:

A FREE cookbook called Eat More, Burn More.

World famous French Chef, Gui Alinat, the personal chef to my friend Joel, is going to send you his brand new cookbook, absolutely FREE.

In it, you’ll have over 100 fat-burning recipes at your fingertips.

And, like the title of the cookbook says, you’ll actually be able to OVEREAT on your favorite foods with Chef Gui’s secret twists on your best-loved recipes.

You can get a sneak peak here.

Anyway, Chef’s publisher is letting him give away copies before his book officially goes on sale on Amazon next month for $25.

I have an advanced copy.

And you can get one for yourself for free today too.

Combine your favorite KB workouts with Chef Gui’s delicious fat-burning recipes, and –

You have the second half of the answer:

A leaner, happier version of yourself.

The version that can now actually ENJOY delicious food, without the guilt and shame that traditionally comes from eating the food you love.

If you and your family enjoy traditional comfort foods, and let’s be real – who doesn’t – then you’re going to love these recipes that are made with fat burning ingredients – and they’re so good no one will notice the difference.

(I wouldn’t tell them either – you know how some people can get about “health” food.)

My only disappointment about Chef Gui’s new book, Eat More, Burn More?

No Nutella crepes. :-(

Fortunately, I think I’m better off without them.

Get your copy of Eat More, Burn More, while it’s still Free here.

I know you’ll enjoy it.

Talk soon.


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