Sample Bodyweight Fat Burning Workout [INSIDE]

When you need a change of pace, make it bodyweight.

It’s the perfect compliment to kettlebell work.

Here’s a sample bodyweight fat burning workout I
wanted to get to you yesterday, but I was swamped trying
to get caught up from a weekend away. (Plus we got in
late Sunday and I had “kid duty” yesterday morning.)

Here it is:

– Set timer for 20 minutes.
– Perform the following as a circuit
– Rest as little as necessary between exercises
– Rest 60 seconds between circuits
– Do as many circuits as possible in 20 minutes

1. Dead Bugs x 60 seconds
2. Pumps x 30s
3. Reverse Lunges x 60s
4. Walkouts x 30s

Yeah, I know, looks a little “basic” but I suggest you do it
before passing final judgment. :-)

Cause here’s what each one of those exercises works:

1. Dead Bugs – reflexive core stability
2. Upper body strength, hip mobility, and leg flexibility
3. Reverse lunges – lower body strength and hip mobility
4. Walkouts – upper body strength, core strength &
stability, & hip mobility, lower body flexibility

So there’s a lot going on there.

And the best part is that not only will you be doing
a challenging workout, but you’ll be “bulletproofing”
your body and burning calories at the same time.

Cause some of the secrets to using bodyweight exercise
for fat loss is not only to create tension (duh!) but also
to –

1. Challenge your coordination by alternating limbs
and training pieces of your gait pattern.

This makes your brain work harder by creating more
neural connections between both hemispheres of
your brain, and in doing so uses a lot of energy.

2. Use elevation changes to stimulate your vestibular
system to strengthen your reflexive stability.

This makes you stronger from the inside out – training
a bunch of your body’s “stabilizer” muscles, which in
turn allows you to use your main muscles more so
you can burn more calories.

3. Keep challenging your abz (or core, as some may
call it).

This makes your whole body stronger, which means
you can lift heavier weights, and burn more calories.


That’s a lot of fancy in depth explanations for why
bodyweight training can be so good for stripping off
unwanted body fat – that is if you do it the right way.

Man, I’m tired just from typing all that fancy scientifical

Back tomorrow with more workouts for youz…


P.S. Almost forgot – Sunday at the hotel, I just did 20
minutes of bodyweight work. I was sweating and “huffy
and puffy” for quite some time afterwards. I was still
“hot” after my shower.

That’s called EPOC – fancy schmancy term for post
workout elevated calorie burning, which is one of the
key components in a fat burning workout.

Bodyweight workouts can be REALLY good for that
when you structure them right.

Oh yeah, and I was starving for the rest of the day too –
one more sign that you’re burning fat long after your

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