Sand, Sun, And “Short Ones” In SC…

Just got back yesterday evening from a long
weekend in Hilton Head, SC visiting Grandma
Jane for her 89th birthday.

Good times!

The beach down there is just phenomenal –
wide, hard packed, and flat.

I put the boy in the Ergo and carried him over
there on Friday and then the 3 of us went over
on Saturday with him in the stroller.

I just love the sand, sun, and surf!

So relaxing and rejuvenating – feels good for
the spirit, know what I mean?

Anyway, the cool thing was that I was on an
abbreviated training program last week – so I
grabbed a quick 20 minute workout Thursday
before I left and then tossed my KBs in the car.

I didn’t have to workout again until Saturday
evening and that was another quick one – 25

(TOUGH one though!)

There’s something about just taking your KBs
wherever you want to go and doing them outside.

Especially the “short ones” – the quick workouts
that leave you feeling challenged, but not overly

Speaking of challenges – here’s one for you –

I’ve been doing this for the last month and I swear
it’s made the biggest difference in my training. And
this has been the first year I’ve really focused on
this –

Train outside.

Take your KB(s) and get outdoors.

The weights feel so much lighter.

And it feels like you can get so much more work done.
You just feel so much more satisfied with your

Plus, you get you Vitamin D fix, which will improve
your mood, your outlook, and your general overall

Give that a shot now that Spring is in full-fling.

Oh yeah, and keep your workouts short, so you feel
challenged, yet refreshed, without ever feeling burnt

Use workouts like these.

Talk soon.


P.S. I know, sounds like a simple challenge that you may
just blow off – but I’m telling you, you’ll really experience
much better workouts and much better results when you workout
outdoors and use workouts like these.

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