Saturday’s Snatch Workout At Rif’s

37 degrees.

That was the temperature in Rif’s garage at 8:07am
this past Saturday morning.

On the agenda:


I’m in CA at my in-laws on an extended “working vacation”
and whenever I’m in town, I go over and train with Rif.

This time was no different.

Rif, Joe, Nick, Glen, and I rotated through a very simple
KB Snatch program.

On the agenda – sets of 9. 9 sets to be exact.
(I only did 8 – callus on the left hand felt like it was
about to blow.)

And once we got going, we were moving at a rapid
pace. It didn’t feel like 37 degrees in there for long,
that’s for sure.

I love Rif’s workouts, probably cause we’re kindred
spirits in that regard.

Here’s why and why it’s important to you:

Rif doesn’t just do “workouts.”

They’re always part of a broader larger context – part of
a program, written to achieve a very specific goal.

Saturday’s Snatch workout was no different.

If I recall the details, it was part of either a 9 or 12
week cycle to get make 200 reps with the 24kg
KB feel effortless.

(Well as “effortless” as snatching 200 reps can be – lol.)

The program runs on several 3 week cycles stacked
together – using a step-like cycle.

(One of my favorite progressive cycles – almost always
guarantees success.)

3 steps forward, 1 step back.

So after the third week you end up stepping back
down to lighter weight and pushing up your reps,
constantly building your work capacity.

For example, on a cycle like this I would use a 24kg
the first week, a 32kg the second, and a 40kg the third,
cycling the reps accordingly.

(Key point here: You workouts should ALWAYS have
progression built into them in some way.)

Anyway, I was using a 32kg and honestly, it was the
lightest a 32kg has ever felt – at least in recent memory.
It just FLEW up –

Which was surprising since I NEVER train first thing in
the morning.

You know what the best part of the whole thing was?

Being on autopilot.

That’s right – just showing up and being told what to do.

– What exercise(s) to do

– How many sets and reps to do

– How much rest there would be

– Having the confidence in the program (Rif’s been in
the training game for 40 years)

I can’t tell you what a relief it was!

See, normally, I write my own programs, which at times
can be quite stressful, especially if I’m having a bad day
or week. That’s because I can question my objectives and
my goals and sometimes find excuses to not train – at least not
what I’m supposed to.

You may know what I mean.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about what workouts you
should do, or what order to do them, and why, then this
will help you out.

Talk soon.


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