Saying “Goodbye”…

… Is never hard to do, unless it’s to someone you’re really glad is leaving…

… Like an unwelcome houseguest…

… Or an irritating co-worker…

Then how come it’s so darn hard to say “goodbye” to that excess body fat hanging out around your middle?

Tough question, huh?

Is it your kettlebell workout?

Or your diet?

Or both?

Or neither?

How can you tell?


Be Scientific.

Change ONE thing.

Keep the rest constant.

So, you choose:

1. Keep your workouts the same and change up how you’re eating.


2. Keep your eating and change up your workouts.

Personally, I have found that food is they lynchpin for so many people.

That’s where I recommend you start.

For example, the simplest, easiest “diet” I know of that works for most – not all – but most people is Intermittent Fasting.

That’s a period of not-eating followed by a shorter period of eating.

Pretty simple.

But still, many people can figure out a way to screw that up (because they really don’t want to change -they’re just looking for excuses to justify what they’re currently doing).

That’s why I’ve decided to put my 24-Hour Diet on sale this week only.

What’s The 24-Hour Diet?

Probably the easiest, most carefree diet you’ll ever do.

Here’s how it works:

It’s not true Intermittent Fasting, because, well, like I said, it doesn’t work for some people – especially stressed out people.

(Intermittent Fasting can actually make stressed out folks fatter.)

It’s actually a form of Controlled Fasting – where you eat very low calories for most of the day –

“Under the Radar” calories – that are so minimal, they don’t knock your body out of the fat-burning state that’s produced from barely eating.

Furthermore, there’s a special selection of foods that you eat (don’t worry, they’re delicious) that actively combat stress levels.

Particularly –

[+] 3 specialized amino acids that combat stress and decrease its resulting chronic inflammation

[+] A tropical oil that speeds up your metabolic rate – the rate at which your body burns calories at rest, lowers your cholesterol, reverses aging, and increases your immune system function making you less susceptible to illness

[+] “The Magic Formula” – a highly satisfying, stress-busting cocktail to drink every morning to start your day off right

[+] A controversial drink you can buy at the supermarket that speeds up fat burning, improves strength and power output, lowers cholesterol, and improves cardiovascular health, among other things

[+] The easiest, most portable, “take the edge off hunger” money can buy

[+] The “secret” to eating massive quantities of food for dinner and still lose fat

I haven’t had time to put together a sales page for The 24 Hour Diet yet.

The 24 Hour Diet is worth $29.95, however I’d like you to have it for only $9.

Why so stinkin’ cheap?

Because if I just gave it to you you’d be tempted to just leave it on your computer and not even read it or print it out.

At least this way you have skin in the game.

When you get your copy today, you’ll be taken immediately to the shopping cart then from there to the access page, where you’ll be able to download The 24 Hour Diet.

The whole process will take about 2-3 minutes tops.

So, keep on keeping on your workout.

Change one thing – your diet.

Get your copy of The 24 Hour Diet here and finally say goodbye to your unwanted body fat.

Talk soon.


PS – The 24 Hour Diet is probably the easiest “diet” you’ll ever “do.”

That’s because it’s a lifestyle, which, conveniently, is what the word “diet” means in Greek.

Get your copy here for only $9.

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