Schizophrenic KB Workouts? (WTH???)

Let’s face it – the weather this year has been crazy.

Here in the mountains Colorado, it was 66 degrees yesterday
and 64 the day before. In fact, I even got my first sunburn of
the year. (Forgot sunscreen on the forehead…)


It’s snowing.

That’s right – Snowing.

It’s almost as if the weather out here is schizophrenic.

How ’bout your kettlebell workouts?

Do you have so many goals you don’t know what to do
right now and so you do a little bit of everything?

One day it’s a “pump” workout…

The next it’s “shred” workout…

The next it’s a “cardio” workout…

The next it’s a “tone” workout…

And the next?

Well, who knows?

As the mood suits you – whatever you “feel” like you need –

Muscle confusion, “instinctive training,” mixing it up, staying
fresh, or whatever…

Look, I hate to be the one to rain on your parade –

When was the last time you saw REAL, MEASURABLE

You know – CHANGE?

(Not just hope.)

And positive change… not, “My pants must’ve shrunk in the
wash…” kind of change…

(Know what I mean??)

Speaking of rain, and our weather theme –

The mainstream media, if you follow them, has really done quite
the “snow job” on ye olde kettlebell training.

The kettlebell has become the Wonder Twin of the Dumbbell.

The name has changed, but the programs are still the same:

“Kettlebell Cardio Shred,” “Kettlebell Sculpted Body,” “Shred It With
Weights,” and all that nonsense.

(Those are all real products, btw.)

The sad truth of the matter is, the mainstream fitness media
and those “celebrity” trainers you see on TV have ZERO
clue how to use the kettlebell.

(Let alone a clear grasp on  human anatomy, physiology, the
stress response, and the adaptation process…)

And if you’ve been getting your kettlebell workouts from YouTube
University or any of those aforementioned jokers, well, that’s
why this kettlebell thing isn’t panning out for you the way you

So what do you do if you really want to see results with your

1. Slow down.

Don’t be in such a hurry. Learn how to use a kettlebell properly
and discover that less is actually more.

(Spend time on the basic 6 KB exercises: The Swing, Goblet
Squat, Get Up, Clean, Press, and Snatch.)

It’s not how many reps you can do, but how many reps you
do well – and almost exactly the same.

2. Eat to get lean.

Unfortunately, most of America, and even the western world
now thinks they can eat junk food as long as they have a
“killer workout.”


You need to eat in such a way as to allow your body to burn
stored body fat.

3. Train for strength first.

Get rid of the junk reps. (See #1.)

And start training heavier than normal.

This will spike your metabolic rate and allow you to burn off
more fat than the “Kettlebell Cardio Sculpt” nonsense.

If you’ve been using a single kettlebell for awhile now and
are ready to start seeing measurable results, learn how
to use a pair of kettlebells.

Here’s the best way to do that.

… Real, measurable, sustainable progress – not some
crazy, jumping around from workout to workout “sculpt-
pump-tone” lunacy that leaves you tired and “worked
out” but with little to no results.

Doing that repeatedly and expecting different results
is the definition of insanity.

Talk soon.


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