Secret Drill To Improve Your KB Squat In 5 Mins Or Less…

And no, I’m not talking about the Goblet Squat. :-)

We’ll get to that soon enough…

Yesterday we talked about the dangers of rounding
your lower back while squatting.

Just in case you thought I was all “preachy” n
stuff – I’ve done it before and paid the price.

I jacked up my back about 14 years ago by on a

Not fun.

So, I’ve been there and done that and can
assure you that you don’t want to go there –
bad, bad news.

I wish I knew what then what I know now…

So what is this TOP SECRET super easy drill?

Well I’m pretty sure you’ve never seen it.

Although, you might have seen a variation of it,
but not this ACTUAL drill.

It’s called “Rocking”.

It’s one of my favorite drills that I use
with my clients and teach at some of my seminars.

But before you do it – go grab your cell phone
camera and record a couple of reps of your
current squat so you have a baseline.

Here’s How You Do It –

1. Get down on your hands and knees, with your feet
pointed away from you.

2. Lift your head up and look straight ahead.

3. Gently rock your weight back on to your feet

4. Then rock your weight – about 80% of it – forward
onto your hands.

* You should feel your abs contract in both positions.

5. Repeat for about 10-20 reps – you’ll eventually
feel your abs contract.

6. Breathe normally – no power breathing.

Now go grab your kettlebell and your camera and
film your squats.

You should notice that your hips feel much more open,
your knees hurt less, and most importantly, you’re
able to maintain your natural arch in your lower back.
How To Maintain Your “New” Squat

We all know strength is a skill – something that
should be practiced frequently, daily even, especially
when you’ve regained your positioning.

So make sure you do your Rocking every day – just
10-20 reps and follow it up with some KB Squats.

An even better idea would be to go on a specialized
but short KB Squat based program like the ones found
in here.

That would ensure that you would not only maintain
your new gains in mobility and strength but that you
would “cement” that new pattern and fortify yourself
from any injuries in the future.

It would also send your strength way up on other
exercises, like your Swing and your Press.

(That’s another story for another time…)

So give the Rocking a shot and let me know what
you think of it. I’m 97.3% certain that you’ll
LOVE it and it’ll make a positive change in your
KB Squat.

Back tomorrow showing you WHY you should really
do some focused work on you squat (besides the
fact that you never know when you’re going to
be stuck in the woods and have to go to the
bathroom… Ewwwww……. LOL)

Talk soon.


P.S. I’ll also get into this a little more tomorrow – it’s
amazing how the KB Squat makes your Swing
easier, which of course means that you have the
potential to make faster gains in total body strength and
lose body fat at a faster pace.

Pretty cool when you really stop to think about

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