“Secret” Strength AND Fat Loss Formula

I first stumbled on this way back in 1996…

Hard to believe it was 18 years ago.

Funny thing is, I stopped using it for a LONG time because
the experts said it didn’t work.

What’s also funny is how insecure I was when I was
younger – not trusting what my eyes had seen.

In fact, I discounted what I had personally experienced,
did what everyone else said to do – and ended up chronically
injured, fat, and weak.

No. More.

Now, approaching 42, I’m stronger than I was for most of
my 30s when I was 20 pounds heavier.

I move better, my injuries are gone, along with the limitations
they produced, and I’m much, much happier.

If you want to see those kinds of changes in your life – then
keep reading.

If not, feel free to check out now.

Still here?


So what’s my “secret?”

Here’s what I “discovered” back then – which interestingly
enough, some of the world’s greatest athletes are already

Heavy + Explosive + Short Rests + Short Duration =

Strength GAIN + Fat LOSS + Improved Conditioning

The Chinese, who are the greatest Olympic Weightlifters
ever by medal count, routinely rest 60-90s between their
lifts – their snatches, cleans, jerks, push presses, and squats.

Only when they go over 85-90% do they rest longer – a
whopping 2 whole minutes.

Here’s the funny thing though:

When you first start lifting like this – whether single or
double KB, you’ll notice a strength decrease for probably
the first week or two.

Then your strength ramps up.

You recover faster between sets.

Your technique, interestingly enough, actually improves.

(I have no explanation for that.)

And you automatically start leaning out.

It makes sense really when you think about it…

You’re doing more work in the same or less time than
you normally do.

PLUS – And here’s the really IMPORTANT part to me
(and possibly you too) – is that my workouts no longer
take over my life.

The 60, 90, and 120 minute workouts are now a thing
of the past – which allows me to enjoy this precious
thing called LIFE.

I have more time with my wife and my kids.

It’s all about being time-efficient.

And I’m not worried about making progress – my training
log and the mirror both tell me I’m making it.

Why not?

Because –

Short duration, heavy and explosive KB workouts, with
short rest periods give you the BEST of all worlds.

– You get stronger.

– You get leaner.

– Your endurance / conditioning improves by default.

– And you don’t feel beat up after your workouts.


One of the problems you run into is having the creativity
and the time to design KB programs that allow you to do
just that.

That’s why I’ve put together 100 – that’s right 100 time-
efficient, fat-burning, strength-building kettlebell programs
for you.

You’ll find them all in Kettlebell Express! ULTRA: Reloaded.
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How is this different than the Kettlebell Express! ULTRA
you may already have?


Yeah, the original programs are in there (for people who
don’t already have it – which is most people) AND there
are 50 NEW time-efficient double KB programs for you.


When you order before Tuesday, you’ll also get a very
Special Bonus –

ANOTHER 50 Brand NEW time-efficient single KB fat-
burning, strength-building programs absolutely FREE -

With Kettlebell Express! Reloaded.

That’s right – you’ll get ANOTHER 50 Brand NEW
KB programs.

To Recap:

– If you’re an original Kettlebell Express! customer, you’ll
get 150 Brand NEW KB programs.

– If you’re an original Kettlebell Express! AND Kettlebell
Express ULTRA customer, you’ll get 100 Brand NEW
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– And if you’ve never bought either, you’re about to get
your hands on 200 – yeah, you read that correctly –

200 Brand NEW single and double time-efficient, fat-burning,
strength-building, family friendly KB programs.

Don’t forget – these are PROGRAMS NOT Workouts.

So you’ll literally have the next 20 years of programming
at your fingertips.

While the rest of our friends and family are suffering from
age-related diseases, we will be going strong!

Get your copy of Kettlebell Express! ULTRA: Reloaded
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Talk soon.


P.S. This special sale is over on Tuesday, July 29th.

After that, the price increases, and the Special Bonus

Don’t kick yourself for missing out.

Get your copy of Kettlebell Express! ULTRA: Reloaded
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