Semi-Automatic V. Automatic Fat Loss – KB Style… [5 STEPS]

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a button you could push
like that Staples “Easy” Button and your body fat would
magically disappear?

LOL – yeah, that’d be great.

Too bad there isn’t – well, not exactly.

There is a button – and you can push it, but it’s more like the
buttons on the old Konami Track & Field game from the
80’s – you have to push it repeatedly.

What on earth am I talking about?

It’s essentially a button in your brain.

Before we go into some details you need to know why
many, if not most people fail on fat loss programs.

I was talking to my good friend Chris Lopez, SFG2, last
night and he was interviewing me for a professional group
of trainers he belongs to.

We got onto this subject.

The truth is, most people fail on fat loss programs because
they lack vision

What their being asked to do on the program is beyond
their realm of experience or understanding, so they self-
sabotage themselves by not following the program.

In other words, they cannot “see” how what they’re being
asked to do will get them to their results, despite not
being experts in the subject.

They stubbornly cling no to what they think they know –
what they’ve read somewhere or have been told by
someone – that appealed to their emotions – in spite of
being disproven by the facts and –

Despite having failed using these same ideas/methods
in the past.

Case in point:

Low carbs.

Low carb diets work great initially to peel the body fat off.

Yet so many people are stuck on low carb diets despite having
stalled out making progress.

When someone comes along and points out that you actually
NEED carbs to lose fat over the long term due to something
as simple as thyroid health –

They just cannot “see” how that will work. So they remain

It really becomes a matter of “focus.”

It’s that whole mantra “what you focus on grows.”

And guess what?

This is psychologically and physiologically true:

You have a “button” in your brain called your Reticular
Activating System (RAS).

And it’s responsible for your “awareness” and you getting
what you want / don’t want in life.

You ever buy a car and then notice how many similar model
cars are on the road?

That’s your RAS.

If you’re fat or thin – weak or strong – you have been and are
repeatedly pushing activating your RAS.

Have you ever said to yourself, “I’m fat!”

Or – “I just can’t seem to lose this weight!”

Guess what?

You’re repeatedly activating your RAS and you’re subconsciously
looking for ways to sabotage yourself – engaging in behaviors
you’re not even aware of that keep you fat.

Plus, there’s more, your body literally responds to keep you fat –

More on that tomorrow.

In the meantime, here’s the first step you should take to get
fat loss to become virtually automatic:

STEP 1: Change Your Focus, Change Your Outcome

As simple or as far-fetched as this sounds, you can simply
change your focus and your outcome by changing the things
you’re thinking about.

Instead of focusing on “not being fat” – focus on “getting
lean” or “becoming lean.”

Your mind will look for ways to help you out and you’ll
subconsciously identify ways to make that happen –

Plus you’re internal resistance levels will drop to virtually zero.

Personally, based on over 20 years of experience, I recommend
you focus 75% of your energy on this part of your fat loss.

And yes, it’s even more important than diet/nutrition.

If you don’t get your mind right, you’ll end up sabotaging your

What about workouts?

Keep them simple.

For the time being, focus on strength.

Yep, pure strength.

Some heavy lifting.


Because it still burns a ton of calories, especially if your
technique is right.

Use the Clean + Press as your main exercise.


Cause it uses every muscle in your body.

And that means you’re burning calories – lots of calories.

And follow a proven plan – that overloads your muscles,
forces them to work, and burns calories (part of the fat-burning

Use the “STRONG!” program inside “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

All the sets and reps and rest periods are precisely laid
out for you so you don’t have to worry about it and can
focus on your focus.

More tomorrow when we’ll talk about how your body responds
to __________.

It’s a critical part of making fat loss “semi-automatic”.

Talk soon.


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